breaking my 2019 travel plans…

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I’m a hugely ‘goal’ orientated person – I write monthly goals to motivate myself, I frequently check in with my ‘New Year’s Resolutions’ and 2019 goals and sticking to them is really important to me.

But let’s talk about this travel goal – my aim was to go on a little trip with my boyfriend every month. Not a huge holiday, not going abroad every time but taking a night or two away just to see somewhere new and have a day off every month.

In January we went to Devon, in February we had a Centre Parcs holiday, in March we had a weekend in Paris, in April we went to Cambridge and in May we went to London MCM ComicCon and explored Stratford and Canning Town.

And June? I’ve got nothing booked, I’ve got no ideas and I don’t think we’re going to have time.

The biggest factor is money – I can’t afford to spend too much on picking somewhere, paying for a hotel, paying for trains and transport and food, whilst I really want to… I just can’t justify it. The second thing is location – we live in the middle of nowhere at the moment, getting anywhere by train largely involves going through London which makes journeys long and fairly expensive. And the third thing is time – we have plans this weekend, next weekend is going to be stressful for reasons I’m not going to disclose (nothing dodgy or dark, just not gonna go into it), the following weekend we have a family gathering and the weekend after that we have potential plans.

So I think I’m going to have to break the 2019 Goal for a month and I kind of hate it.

I’m someone who likes patterns – setting myself a 30 day challenge or a once-a-month challenge I’m someone who likes to tick boxes and missing a day or a month really bothers me, but on the other hand – forcing myself not to be bound by those types of things is probably good for warding off potential OCD and I don’t want to force a trip somewhere I’m not excited about a spend money for the sake of it. I’d rather take a month off and go somewhere really exciting in July (I’ve got lots of ‘last minute’ trip ideas… stay tuned).

Part of the reason I wanted to write this post is that amongst travel bloggers, travel instagrammers and feeling like every single person you know on Facebook is going somewhere sunny by the sea in the Mediterranean, sometimes it feels like being stuck at home is the worst thing in the world. There’s a whole world out there to see and right now it’s not on your path to go see any of it, for one reason or another.

So it’s a reminder to myself on two fronts – one, that I will go see the world at some stage, I will see everything it has to offer and really properly enjoy it because I won’t have rushed it. And two, that not sticking to every single letter on my 2019 goals is okay too. A year is a long time and things change and different priorities arise, everything works out for a reason and just because it doesn’t happen when you hope it will doesn’t mean it won’t happen.

Thank you so much for reading,

Sophie xx

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places I want to travel right now

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I’ve not written a travel post for a while, but I thought I’d write a little post about the top 3 places I want to travel right now because my beloved boyfriend finally got a passport! For his birthday in January part of his present was that I’d take him to Paris and he needed to get himself a passport before we could go.

Here we are nine months later and he’s just got a passport and no trip is booked.

But having seen so many people’s holidays on Instagram Stories, I’ve been collating a little list of places I’d like to go as my first look into organising my own travel and thought I’d write about them (mostly so I don’t forget).

Paris – to be honest, Paris hasn’t always been top of my list but I think considering my boyfriend has never left the country before, it’s only a short flight away from the UK (or the Eurostar if you didn’t fancy flying!) and I imagine the architecture there is beautiful. Obviously it’s quite commercial and a huge tourist spot but especially having been to New York, sometimes the tourist spots aren’t a bad thing! Especially for my first time there, I want to see everything and I’ll search out the more indie niche places another time.

Santorini – I’ll be honest, most of my experience with the beautiful islands of Greece has been from Insta Stories and YouTube vlogs but I’ve kind of had a digital love affair with Santorini for a few years now. It looks like an absolutely beautiful place, I’m definitely already thinking about the Instagram pictures and the Instax pictures would be just stunning. Obviously, I don’t really want to go to Santorini just for the pictures but it just looks like a stunning island that I’d love to visit.

Athens – back to Greece again! I loved Greek mythology when I was younger and the history and legends surrounding Greek culture really intrigue me and I’d love to go to the heart of Greece and see where it all originated. I’d need to do more research on what specifically I’d like to see in Athens but I imagine it wouldn’t take me too long to make a pretty exhaustive list.

I appreciate that two of these places are in Greece but what can I say – I think these would be good for first time trips as they’re not super long haul flights and I can’t imagine too much can go wrong, but I still have big places like Thailand, Australia/New Zealand and more of America on my list too!

If and when I get round to going to these places, I’ll definitely document the process, share anything I learn along the way and write about where I’m going! I love having my little space that I can look back on when I’m older.

Thank you for reading,

Sophie xx

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a night out in Weymouth

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When I talk about travelling on this blog, I often talk about it not having to be a ‘big foreign’ trip to write about it – I went to Weymouth for the first time over New Years and it was a gorgeous sea side town so I wanted to write about it here.

Two of my friends and their bands were playing in Weymouth (where they’re from) for New Years and my boyfriend and I joked about going… and then we did.

We arrived in the afternoon and basically went straight to the sea and I loved it – it was full of little blue and white seaside benches and the pier is gorgeous and it was just so cutesy. I definitely need to go and spend more time at Weymouth beach.

After meeting my friends at the beach, we went for lunch at McDonalds (lol) and back to my friend’s house to chill out, watch Doctor Who and have dinner. It was such a lovely area – the house was on a big hill and you could see the sea from his drive and his garden and I just loved it, I just feel like I could live there – it was a big, seaside version of my home town.

In the evening we had sparklers and we let off a few fireworks and it was so much fun – I was so excited to have my first proper New Years that wasn’t sat in front of a TV watching fireworks in London and to bring the New Year in with such amazing friends I felt so privileged, so lucky and so grateful.

After the sparklers we went to our first venue for the evening – Finns, where my friend Dan’s band Coyote were playing and then went on to The Lazy Lizard to see my friend Pete’s band Under the Carousel. There was a nice break in the middle to sit on a bench and stare at the sea and talk about the New Year and how things change.

I mean, that was after I nearly got dragged into a fight and got kicked in the leg and had a minor panic attack about being in a new place and not knowing my surroundings – things like that happen, but I’m working on it and it didn’t ruin my night. Didn’t mean to include a ‘mental health’ update in those post but there it is!

Weymouth is a gorgeous place and I’d love to go back, maybe for a little weekend seaside holiday in the summer!

Thank you for reading,

Sophie xx


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24 Hours In… Nottingham

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When I lived in Lincolnshire, Nottingham was somewhere I used to go fairly regularly for concerts, shows and shopping trips.

AccorHotels are running a competition called ‘24 Hours In…‘ where you make a blog post or vlog about what you would do with 24 hours in your favourite city with a chance to win a 9 night stay for two in Paris, Amsterdam and Berlin and a GoPro to vlog the whole trip! You can read more about the competition here but I thought I’d talk about what I’d do with 24 hours in Nottingham.

I’ve been to Nottingham on a variety of occasions – shopping trips and theatre visits with my mum, concert nights and Primark trips with my friends and even a dance competition at the same arena I’ve been to so many concerts earlier this year! I feel like I know the city fairly well (as someone who doesn’t live there, that is!) and I could easily spend 24 hours there.

Assuming my trip starts at about 12pm, the first stop would have to be lunch – there are so many good places to eat around Nottingham but I love Frankie and Bennies. It’s always been a family favourite of mine, especially when ‘Tell Laura I love Her’ comes on the soundtrack and my mum and I serenade my sister.

Her name’s Laura, there’s a reason for singing to her!

After that it would have to be a trip to Long Tall Sally – a shop full of gorgeous clothes that are all well fitting on me! Really reasonably sized (as in, I wear a small in most clothes!) and all of the clothes are long enough for my 5’10” frame! I could spend hours in there but with only 24 hours, time is of the essence! The rest of the afternoon would almost certainly be devoted to shopping, maybe not in shops quite as expensive as Long Tall Sally but a trip to Primark and New Look never comes amiss! A bit of retail therapy is the best part of a little getaway.

Once we’ve spent all the money in our purses, it would probably be time to check into the hotel and go for dinner before a trip to the theatre! I love going to see shows – musical theatre, classic plays and especially when bands are on tour. Whatever was on at the time, I’d definitely try to get some tickets and spent the night out that way, with a drink or two afterwards to discuss whatever it is I’d seen with whoever it was I went with.

From there I think it would be back to the hotel to get some sleep before hotel breakfast the following morning – making the most of croissants and buffet breakfast galore!

And what to do with the little time before my 24 hours is up?

Kitty Cafe.

I’ve never been to a cat cafe but it just sounds like a perfect morning to me – cake, a hot chocolate in a room surrounded by kitties? I think this would be the perfect way to spend the last of my time in Nottingham before my 24 hours is up and heading back to the train station.

Assuming I got the train there on my hypothetically trip to Nottingham.

Writing this post has just made me want to go back to Nottingham! I’ve been there to see Fidler on the Roof (one of my favourite stage viewings ever, the cast played the musical instruments it was so cool!), Cats, The Overtones and McBusted there, I think I saw Michael Buble there too but that might have been Sheffield. Nottingham is definitely one of my favourites, Mum we need another trip there soon!

Go check out the AccorHotels competition if you haven’t already and good luck to anyone else who enters!

Thank you for reading,

Sophie xx


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