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It has been over 3 years since I want to Tanzania with Camps International and Tanga, the first place we went, was one of the most beautiful places on the trip and, in fact, one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever seen.

It was a gorgeous camp; it overlooked the sea, there was a really nice bar and social area and it was in such a beautiful area, it was absolutely stunning.


This camp was where I started to learn to scuba dive – we had two days training in the pool and then we went into the sea and that’s where I kind of, stopped, learning to dive? I was ill at the time, so I couldn’t equalise and clear my ears, from what I remember it meant there was too much pressure in my ears and it wasn’t too much fun being in the ocean at that point, but I really did love diving so I do want to finish getting that PADI qualification at some point!

But I got to go out on the boat and I got to see the sea and experience it, in a way, and it was absolutely stunning. I really love the water, I’m really craving swimming right now so writing this post is only making me want to go swimming even more!


One of the best nights of my life happened when I was in Tanga – the night sky in Africa is absolutely stunning, without city pollution the sky is so clear and you can see the stars and the moon and I’m pretty sure we saw Venus on one night, it was just so beautiful. I remember lying with my two best friends (at the time, I’m not friends with one of them anymore, let’s not dwell on that) and it was just incredible. I love space, I have a thing about stars and it was just so beautiful.

I’d love to go back to Tanga, I’ve said this a few times but if you have any interest in travelling but going abroad alone or without guidance sounds daunting, I thoroughly recommend Camps International because you get an incredible experience in a range of astonishing countries, and you get to give something back to the communities out there. I’ve only ever been on expeditions organised through my old school but I’m going to look into their gap ‘year’ (any time between one and three months) for when I’ve graduated after third year!


I love writing about my travels and whilst I’m staying around Southampton with minimal money, I think I’m going to write about places I have been. Then I might start experimenting with day trips in the UK and just see how else I can write about travel!

Thank you for reading,

Sophie xx


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