Spotify vs Apple music?

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I love music and I love being subscribed to a streaming service because I get access to so much music – I’ve had a Spotify account for six or seven years but I’m considering moving to using Apple music, so I thought I’d make a pros and cons list of which service could be better for me. Thought it might be an interesting blog post!

I have many years of Spotify playlists and I don’t want to lose them and transferring them would take a very, very long time (the Jonas Brothers are on my Starred playlist, it’s been a very long time since I went through my Jonas Brothers phase). This is my main reason for wanting to stay with Spotify.

However, Apple is said to have better availability, choice, quality and radio capabilities (according to a few articles I’ve read anyways) and the ‘radio’ stuff on Spotify is brilliant because I just put a song in and it comes up with a bunch that are like it, but my flatmate has Apple music and he has some brilliant playlists.

But because I’ve had Spotify so long, consequently it knows me a little better so when it suggests music for me it usually gets it really right and Spotify is far more accessible over other devices than Apple Music is. However, I do mostly use my iPhone to listen to music where both Apple music and Spotify are very easily accessible.

I find in terms of the app Spotify is much easier to use than Apple Music but I’m sure anyone that uses Apple Music will tell me otherwise.

So anyone have any opinions on Spotify vs Apple Music?? I’m very interested to see what people think so please leave a comment!

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