what is Sonar Film?

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I’ve talked about Sonar Film a lot but I don’t think I’ve really explained what it is, so I wanted to take this opportunity to talk about it!

Sonar Film is Southampton Solent University’s cinema society – a society that gives students the opportunity to run a blockbuster cinema for a really small joining fee.

We are a fully functioning cinema – a lot of university cinemas show DVDs or old release films but we get a lot of the films that Cineworld, Showcase and Odeon show. We’re a legit cinema and our tickets are way more reasonably priced! £4 with a valid Solent card and £4.50 if not.

Working with Sonar Film has been one of my favourite parts of my university experience so far – from the perspective of joining the society, you show up a little before the film starts to set up the film and prepare and tidy the lecture theatre, then you let people into the showing, get the film going, watch the film and tidy up the room again. If you’re a big fan of films and want to learn more about putting them on and also join an amazing team of people who also love movies, it’s a great society to join without a huge amount of commitment.

Sonar Film is a great place for students who want to join or whether they just want to attend – only £4 to go see the cinema release films at uni? That’s maybe a third of what you’d pay if you went anywhere else and you can bring your own popcorn for a fraction of the price.

There’s not much else to add – follow Sonar Film on twitter and Facebook and check back on our website to see what we’re showing and when. It would be awesome to support Southampton’s students and the university – technically we’re registered as a not-for-profit charity but everything goes back to the students who help our society function.

Also, I made a video about Sonar Film during VEDA if you’d like to watch that!

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