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I’m not very good at planning these photography posts, but I’ve taken a few photos in the past few months that I’m actually really pleased with so I wanted to put them here.

I hope Aimee won’t mind me using this photo, but I took this photo on our last News Day at uni for my second year and I got some really good feedback on this photo and the other photos I took throughout the day and that was quite good for my non-existent self-esteem.

This sounds silly, but I was taking photos to try and use in the thumbnail for the video I uploaded yesterday but I tried to take an artsy cover photo and I quite like it.

My mum and my sister have been down visiting this week and on Easter Sunday we went for a long ass drive to a variety of car parks to look out at the sea and we were in Lepe (I think it’s spelt) and we went for a walk on the beach and had chips by the sea and it was lovely.

The second seaside carpark we went to was in a town called Milford on Sea which was on a clifftop and it was really sweet – the weather was deceptive as it was not that sunny, there was a big grey cloud but that did not stop us enjoying our ice cream!

Next time we go back we’re going to investigate the beach huts and actually going down onto the beach.

I’m not sponsored by New Forest Ice Cream, but if I was this is the kind of photo I’d take. I’m very, very proud of this photo even though it was all on automatic settings, but the depth of field on this camera just makes me really happy, the blurry background looks well dramatic. Perfect promo pic.

I know it’s not a lot of photos and most of them were taken literally yesterday but I’ll be honest, I haven’t planned a photography post properly in months because I’ve had a lot going on and whilst I would love to plan proper shoots for these posts I have to prioritise uni and assignments and real life unfortunately – if I had it my way I’d spend all my time on blog and video plans but I’m borrowing a lot of money to get a degree so I should probably do that first, right? (Reluctantly)

But, I finish uni in just a few weeks (bit scary, I’ll be in my last year soon…) and hopefully this summer is going to be super creative and making lots of stuff and writing and taking photos and videography and just making and creating, lots of stuff. So hopefully the blog and my YouTube channel will get a lot more interesting over the next few months. I can’t wait, this summer is going to be fab.

Thank you for reading,

Sophie xx


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summer travel plans!

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I wrote this post out on my train journeys to and from London this week and somehow it has completely evaporated without being sent anywhere, so here I am – rewriting it a couple of days late. This is all completely irrelevant information because not everyone will read this on the day it goes up but I just needed to say it; I’m very frustrated.

It’s not a surprise that I want to travel as much as I can – I’ve talked about it enough – but over the summer my boyfriend and I can’t afford to go on holiday so we’re planning to have a few days out just to break up the summer and to compensate a little, so I thought I’d write about the places we’re thinking (or I’m thinking!) of going!

London – I love London and in the past few months I’ve really been craving a trip to one of the museums. I’m a nerd, I love learning and history and science and I love taking pictures and I think I could take some really pretty pictures of everything that’s there. I want to visit the Natural History museum and I’ve love to go back to the V&A because I haven’t been there since I went on a school trip like six years ago. I just think it would be fun, I’m very excited by the thought of an educational trip to London because I’m a huge dork.

Brighton – I’ve never been to Brighton before but I’ve seen so much of it through YouTube videos and Instagram and fiction that I really would love to see it for myself – I’d love to see the Lanes and all the quirky places to see and the beach. I love seaside towns – where I live is a port town so I’m near a river that leads to the sea but it’s not like the sea, I can go sit by the docks but I can’t go to a beach and I just love them, so I want to take lots of Instagram photos.

Bournemouth – we’ve already been to Bournemouth and I really love it, for the same reason of beaches and pretty Instagrams but there’s an awesome arcade called Funzone and it’s right next to an old theatre converted into an Odeon cinema and it’s like two seconds away from Harry Ramsden’s fish and chips and I’d love to go for a sit down meal looking out to sea. I love the seaside and I love Bournemouth. I’m desperately trying not to make this post really repetitive but I really love the sea and taking photos.

Weymouth – my boyfriend and I went to Weymouth for New Years and I know I wrote a blog post about it (read it here, if you like) and again; Sophie wants to visit a seaside town wow, omg. But I don’t think Weymouth is as big as the cities of Bournemouth and Brighton but Weymouth is a bit like my hometown but like four times the size and near the sea. I just want to see more of Weymouth and with two of my closest uni friends living there it’s a pretty good excuse to see them too.

The New Forrest – an area I know very little about, to be honest, I’m imagining it’s a bit like the Peak District or the Lake District and I’ve been to both of those places. I just feel like it’ll be a fun place to go for a long walk adventure with a picnic on a pretty summer day.

Edinburgh – less of a ‘cheap day trip’ and more like a little holiday but I went on a family holiday to Edinburgh and one of my best friends lives there and I’m considering doing my masters there and I’ve seen a few YouTubers go on holiday there and everyone talks about it being such a beautiful city and I want to see it! Flights from Southampton Airport and an AirBnB could be quite reasonably priced I think, so might be something I can look into!

I know I talk about travelling a lot – it’s something I really want to do but it’s not something I can afford to do in the way I want to just yet, but travelling isn’t just about going to one city in a country and saying you’ve seen everything that country has to offer, so why don’t I spend some time exploring my own country first?

I’m sorry my content has been so disrupted this week – I didn’t realise how much commuting would take it out of me but I’m trying my best to manage my time a little bit better before doing it all again next week. I’m going to be taking my laptop on the train so hopefully I’ll be a bit more productive than last week.

Thank you for reading,

Sophie xx


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