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My hair has been through a lot in the past two or three years – so many colours, far too much bleach and not enough trips to the hairdresser.

late 2013 – mid 2014, I think

I wouldn’t say my hair is particularly healthy or in good condition, however it is much better than the straw-like condition it was in January. I’ve put together a few tips for if you’re considering coloured your hair or if your hair is a feeling a bit worse for wear.

Conditioner! I always use too much shampoo and conditioner but I’ve found using a little more conditioner and really massaging it into the ends of your hair (not too much into the roots, if you over condition the roots they get greasy really fast) can help with split ends and dryness and can make your hair feel pretty and touchably soft. I don’t tend to buy a specific brand of conditioner or shampoo but I try to get something different every time they run out so my hair doesn’t get bored (which is a thing) but I tend to go for something that says it is repairing, hydrating or for dry hair. Tresemme is good too but women’s shampoo and conditioner which isn’t own brand rubbish is so expensive.

end of summer 2014 to when I started being the rebellious shit that had coloured hair at school in late 2014, the red was definitely Christmas 2014

Don’t wash your hair too frequently! I spent months (literally months) training my hair to not need washing as frequently – I only wash it every four or five days and that means that the colour in my hair lasts much longer because washing it destroys the colour (only in ‘extreme’ colours, natural colours are fine for that really). It also makes your hair healthier because it uses it’s own oils to keep itself clean – there are people who’ve trained their hair to not need washing at all but I don’t like the idea of taking it that far. But over washing it can lead to your hair becoming really brittle and getting greasy really fast because it becomes so reliant on being washed so regularly.

Hair masks! I’d suggest once every couple of weeks doing a hair mask if you can afford it – it’s a good way to super condition your hair and if you’re looking for a somewhat healthy way to remove colour from your hair because I used an Aussie hair treatment after I dyed my hair red at Christmas and that’s what kickstarted the weird pink pastel hair thing I had going on but the hair treatment did take a good 40% of the colour out of my hair that I’d dyed three days prior. However, hair masks can be really good for your hair and a good way to recover if you’re just about to top up the colour anyway – just be careful about brands and what you want in regard to losing the colour.

then there’s the highlights of 2015 and the blue of when I started uni in November 2015, then the hair cut of Christmas 2015

Avoid using heat on your hair! Curling it, straightening it, crimping it (do people still do that?!) and even blow drying your hair – if you don’t have to, don’t. It makes your hair even drier and more dehydrated and really damaged the dry and split ends you may have. There are natural ways to curl your hair and hairspray can keep it curled, straightening is harder to do naturally but I’ve found with everything I’ve done to my hair it doesn’t curl naturally anymore. I used to have such gorgeous curly hair that I barely had to style because it was naturally so curly but now it doesn’t curl at all, it’s basically a not-quite-straight frizzy mess. I’m hoping that not using bleach anymore, trying to keep my hair healthy and getting it cut short again (soon ish, might be a few months not sure) will bring back the curls, but I’ll keep you up to date!

Get it dyed professionally if you can! It costs so much more money, like painfully so much more money, however it is much healthier for your hair as a hairdresser is a professional for a reason – they know what they’re doing and if they think you’re asking too much of your hair they will tell you and communicate with you and design the hair that will suit you best and is closest to what you want. Or alternatively to forking out hundreds of pounds for someone to dye your hair, aim for three months before changing the colour of your hair. Except for topping up the colour, that doesn’t count.

early 2016 / may 2016 bleached / June 2016 galaxy / faded galaxy

The most obvious tip is to avoid bleaching your hair or consult a hairdresser if you want to bleach your hair for a really bright colour. Don’t do what I did and use an at home bleach three times in 48 hours. I’m very impatient.

But I’ve learnt! I’ve vowed never to bleach my hair again and never to dye my hair blue, green or purple ever again because they’re the hardest colours to remove. Always.

august ’16 blue / tried to dye it brown but it went black green september ’16 / it went back to blue by accident November ’16 / christmas red ’16 / it faded so ridiculously fast early ’17 pastel pink

My plan is to keep topping up the purple in my hair (to cover the goddamn blue) until the purple dye I have runs out, then I’m going to see what happens when I put a lighter red over this colour and hope for the best, then when that runs out I’ll use a darker red I have, I’m never ever using the colour indigo because it’s too blue and I’d rather through it away than put it on my head and then by that point hopefully it’ll be a few months down the line and I can afford to go to the hairdresser and get them to dye my hair red properly and cut it short again and make it better. I cannot wait I’m literally so excited to get my hair cut it’s a little unreasonable.

“I tried to add purple to the pink and in went a variety of colours and faded a lot and stuff”

Let me know if you have any more tips in the comments!

Thank you for reading,

Sophie xx

The weird shitty pink/(purple pls)/blue mix I have now. I don’t like it.

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less is more | photography

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I’m not very good at planning these photography posts, but I’ve taken a few photos in the past few months that I’m actually really pleased with so I wanted to put them here.

I hope Aimee won’t mind me using this photo, but I took this photo on our last News Day at uni for my second year and I got some really good feedback on this photo and the other photos I took throughout the day and that was quite good for my non-existent self-esteem.

This sounds silly, but I was taking photos to try and use in the thumbnail for the video I uploaded yesterday but I tried to take an artsy cover photo and I quite like it.

My mum and my sister have been down visiting this week and on Easter Sunday we went for a long ass drive to a variety of car parks to look out at the sea and we were in Lepe (I think it’s spelt) and we went for a walk on the beach and had chips by the sea and it was lovely.

The second seaside carpark we went to was in a town called Milford on Sea which was on a clifftop and it was really sweet – the weather was deceptive as it was not that sunny, there was a big grey cloud but that did not stop us enjoying our ice cream!

Next time we go back we’re going to investigate the beach huts and actually going down onto the beach.

I’m not sponsored by New Forest Ice Cream, but if I was this is the kind of photo I’d take. I’m very, very proud of this photo even though it was all on automatic settings, but the depth of field on this camera just makes me really happy, the blurry background looks well dramatic. Perfect promo pic.

I know it’s not a lot of photos and most of them were taken literally yesterday but I’ll be honest, I haven’t planned a photography post properly in months because I’ve had a lot going on and whilst I would love to plan proper shoots for these posts I have to prioritise uni and assignments and real life unfortunately – if I had it my way I’d spend all my time on blog and video plans but I’m borrowing a lot of money to get a degree so I should probably do that first, right? (Reluctantly)

But, I finish uni in just a few weeks (bit scary, I’ll be in my last year soon…) and hopefully this summer is going to be super creative and making lots of stuff and writing and taking photos and videography and just making and creating, lots of stuff. So hopefully the blog and my YouTube channel will get a lot more interesting over the next few months. I can’t wait, this summer is going to be fab.

Thank you for reading,

Sophie xx


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Pastel hair – yay or nay?



As we all know by now, I dye my hair a lot. My hair was bright blue and I was going to take the plunge and dye it brown and go back to natural colours.

That didn’t happen.

It went a green-black colour. Not intended!

I didn’t really like it when I dyed it and whilst I’ve come to terms with it, I’m not really too fussed about keeping it. So I found a really sensible way to decide what hair colour I go next.

Screen Shot 2016-10-03 at 16.25.15.png

I did a twitter poll.

And as you can see, considerably more people voted for a pastel colour than brown or blonde (sorry mum).

I know for a fact I’m not dying my hair until the end of the month – for one I want black-ish hair for Halloween, and for two I want to give my hair a little break before I dye it again. My hair isn’t very happy with me right now. There’s also the fact I just don’t have time to dye it right now.

I feel like pastel purple is the way I’m going to go.


I’ve done some research and found some very pretty pictures of very pastel hair and I love them. My heart is saying I should just go for it and be prepared to keep topping up my roots and then maybe I could have a full on purple fading into pastel purple, would that look good?

I know full well I’ll get bored again and part of me wants to go brown later in the year but pastel purple is my next move! I’ll keep you updated and get very pretty pictures if and when I do dye it!

I’m not 100% sure though – what do you think? Should I do it? Do I stay greeny black? Should I actually go brown? Please leave suggestions in the comments!

Thank you for reading,

Sophie xx


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