The Last Update Monday?



This week’s a weird one for me because I don’t have much to update you on really! But I figure this is a good place to end the ‘Update Monday’s with just a little bit of what I’ve been doing this week and then a fresh new start next week.

A fresh new start when I’m 20, how scary. My birthday is on Sunday and it’ll be my first birthday not at home or seeing my parents at all which is going to be a really weird sensation for me. I’ll be with my boyfriend and a few of my Southampton friends are about (but most aren’t back for uni yet) so it’s not like I’ll be alone on my birthday but, for some reason, I feel like this birthday’s just going to be really different and not just because I’ll officially be at the beginning of my 20s.

But the day is looking to be pretty quiet and chilled which is nice because I’m currently super stressed and anxious having just found out we’ll be moving flat again (yes, for the third time!) on Friday but this will be the last move until next July when we go into a house (hopefully).

Somehow we have to get all of our stuff from the 9th floor down to Flat 9 on the ground floor and we’ll have a kitchen/living room window that all the smokers will be able to look in through but we won’t have to worry about broken lifts or fire alarms anymore, it’ll be an even shorter journey to uni and we’ll be in a corridor that always smells of clean laundry and goes straight to the common room.

Pros and cons?

I am going to miss our view though, I love the 9th floor view and I am going to miss it so much.

Not much else has happened in this past week really – I’ve been working quite a bit, I’ve got my probation review today so I’ll find out whether I’ve passed, whether it’s going to be extended or whether I’ve failed. I’m surprisingly nervous about the whole thing and I really genuinely have no idea which way it’s going to go. I can’t think of any reason why I’ve failed it but that doesn’t stop my anxious brain saying ‘everyone hates you, the company want to get rid of you lol’. I’m trying not to listen.

I’ll let you know how that goes on Wednesday!

UPDATE: I lost my job. Never going into the Paperchase Southampton store again. Lol.

I’m feeling really good about blogging at the moment – I’ve got a bunch of posts planned up until the beginning of October because I just keep having ideas, ‘The Student Seat‘ is going really well and the post I wrote yesterday about easy recipes for students was really successful and I’m excited to have my next monthly vlog up on Saturday 10th!

It sounds really lame, but I can’t wait to get back to uni and have a bit more of a regimented routine in my life – I need order and a reason to get out of bed again!

Thank you for reading,

Sophie xx


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