Happy Birthday Lucas!

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My favourite person in the entire world turns 21 today and this blog marks the first of the little surprises I have in store for him.

My boyfriend, Lucas, has his birthday tomorrow and I apparently have a thing about writing people blog posts for their birthdays, so obviously Lucas could be no exception (side note: this isn’t his present, I have got him other presents but because his birthday is tomorrow I’ve not given them to him yet so I can’t say what they are!).

Lucas is the most kind hearted and loving person I know – yes, sometimes he comes up with some really in-depth ways to get rid of people he doesn’t like and yes, sometimes he says some very controversial and borderline offensive things but the way he treats our friends and the people he loves is beautiful. He’d give them the world if he could and god knows he wants to.

He’s so talented and (mostly) hardworking – in the last year alone he’s worked at Glastonbury festival, BBC Children in Need and been unit manager for a TedX talk which is a lot of amazing work experience (I’m definitely not jealous at all). He’s also just got a part-time job at the football stadium and I know he’s so happy with it and he’s achieved so much this year.

We’ve been through a lot – our relationship has had so many ups but it’s had it’s downs too and I’m so proud to say we got through it. Lucas is one of the best decisions I’ve ever made and I’m so proud of everything he does. I can’t wait to see what he achieves next.

I love you Lucas, hippy bathday.

(That was deliberate, just for context – I meant to write hippy bathday)

Thank you for reading,

Sophie xx


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Happy Birthday Dad!

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Today is my Dad’s birthday, he is turning an age today… He’s 69, he doesn’t use the internet so he probably won’t see that I’ve just written how old he is… Sorry anyway, Dad.

My dad has been through a lot in the past couple of years, my whole family have, but he’s such a strong, independent man and I am inspired by him every day.


I’ve always been fairly close with my dad, I have vivid memories of picking tomatoes from his plants in the garden and him teaching me to ride a bike. He was so enthusiastic about me learning music and there was always music in my house – he used to play piano all the time and hearing all his stories about when he was in the police band are wonderful.

I didn’t realise what a big part of my life my dad was until I moved to uni – when getting to know people, film is a topic that crops up a lot so when making friends when I moved to uni there was a lot of talk about films and it really made me realise how many movies I share with my dad and I have such fond memories of us watching together.

12109145_10205056014980877_4744729196909737806_nSprit: Stallion of the Cimarron, The Jungle Book, 39 Steps, even Shrek. And I can’t forget our shared distaste for Avatar after my sister made us all watch it seventeen times.

I’m not even exaggerating.

I love my dad unconditionally – he’s so clever and loving and, for me, as someone who takes a long time to be comfortable with people, he’s one of my favourite people to sit in complete silence with and it’s completely okay.

Spending time with him when he comes to visit makes me feel so much more relaxed, even when I’m super busy with uni and I’m behind and I feel like I’m going to fail.

(Six of nine assignments handed in, three to go in less than two weeks)

Happy Birthday Dad!!

Thank you for reading,

Sophie xx


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