my favourite parts of Autumn



Autumn is my favourite time of year, second only to Christmas – there’s lots of lovely things about summer; the warmth on my skin, the light evenings, barbecues with friends! But then the burning heat, being sweaty all the time and working inside while I can hear kids screaming in paddling pools in the garden down the road. Pros and cons!

I wasn’t sure what I wanted to write about, but I’ve been enjoying writing little positivity lists so I thought I’d pick the 10 things I’m most excited about for the change in season!

  1. Sweaters. Long sleeves, knitwear, feeling cosy and warm. It’s my true form.
  2. Blankets! I have one in basically every room but my favourite one is the one with sleeves that I sometimes wear as a cape because I can.
  3. Dark evenings with the fairy lights on. They always make me feel magical ✨
  4. Rewatching Harry Potter. It just comes with the time of year.
  5. Warm winter foods – is there anything better than getting the slow cooker out and making something hearty and filling the whole house with the smell?
  6. The leaves changing colour – we don’t always get those beautiful orange shots you see in American hallmark movies, but when the does come out and the leaves crunch beneath my feet on the ground, that never gets less exciting.
  7. Wearing my Dr Martens – I’m not very good at sticking to one ‘look’ or style but putting my Docs on with anything makes me feel a bit more badass than I really am.
  8. Cadbury Snow Bites – I’m not one for celebrating Christmas too early (because otherwise I’ll run out of momentum) but I won’t complain about the Christmas chocolates. Snow Bites are my favourite and they are my weakness.
  9. Hot chocolate – Costa hot chocolate is my favourite but I got pretty good at making my own at home last winter (though I’ve deliberately never calorie counted them).
  10. Snuggles with my boy – yes, I had to get soppy at some point. Whether it’s on the sofa watching TV, under the blanket as we fall asleep watching George Clark’s Amazing Spaces or standing in the kitchen making dinner, the worst bit about summer is feeling too warm for hugs and cuddles.

There are good and bad parts to every season and after such an unconventional winter last year, I know many people are concerned about seasonal affective disorder and I don’t to belittle that by pretending everything is pretty leaves and cosy drinks. Some fairy lights aren’t going to make up for how much darker it is, however magical they feel.

However cheesy it sounds, it’s remembering that the sun will always rise again – there’s always another tomorrow, summer will always come back, take Vitamin D supplements if you need them and see your doctor if things feel too hard.

Change is hard and weird, but although the seasons change and the weather’s unpredictable, like most thing’s in life – they won’t stay the same forever.

Thank you for reading,

Sophie xx


Autumn Photography

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I actually really like photography – I don’t study a course that has ‘photography’ in the title and I did one unit last year and I can barely get any really high quality fun cameras out at uni but I love taking photos and I thoroughly enjoy it.

I have a DSLR camera that I got for my 18th birthday (that’s two years ago that is so scary) and I don’t use it enough, so here’s me making an effort to use my camera more and taking photos of the pretty Autumn leaves.

I took over sixty photos (I know ‘real’ photographers take hundreds every time they go out but I’m working on it!) and these are some of my favourites.


The leaves are so beautiful right now even a camera can’t capture it properly.


I describe this statue as the one that always has a pigeon on it’s head, ironically not with a picture on it’s head in this picture.


I live right opposite this park and I get to walk through all these leaves every day.


The. Colours. Are. So. Pretty.


Is my gorgeous best friend looking beautiful in the Autumn light when she didn’t know I was taking a picture? Yes, this is candid. She did not know I was taking this.


I’m not so good at capturing lens flares right now, I’m still remembering what the camera settings mean after nearly a year after finishing the one photography unit I did at uni.


I definitely tried with the sun flares, I love the details in all the little branches in this one.


This tree was so little but the colours were so beautiful and striking – this is one of my favourites.


This was the first time I’d ever tried using a 70-300ml lens and it’s a very different experience. I’m not sure if I like this one, it seems a bit foggy when it wasn’t but I’m trying new things!


This is another one of my favourites – the framing is gorgeous, the colours are gorgeous and it really shows off the prettier side of Southampton!


Another one experimenting with lens flare, but I like how the way I’ve edited this makes it look like I’ve put a filter on it when I’ve just played around with the settings in camera raw. I’m not sure about this one because the sky on the right looks blue but it looks grey on the left but the sun between the trees looks so good and I kind of do like it.

Did you like this post? Should I do more of it? I might make it a monthly post to encourage me to use my camera more is that okay?

I love photography so much but I don’t use my camera enough, so I think the incentive to pick up my camera would definitely help! Especially over Christmas time.

Thank you for reading,

Sophie xx


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