Welland Dance Website [photography]


This is the last work I ever did for Welland – back in 2015 they had a big old rejig of their website and my wonderful Miss Debbie had recommended that I take a bunch of photos for the new website to showcase all the classes. I attended a number of classes over a two week period before I moved to uni and then spent my first weeks of uni editing the best photos together and making a promotional video. The photos weren’t used in the way I thought they’d be but they’re still on the website (despite not receiving any credit for them). In three years, my photography skill has come on in leaps and bounds and I hope to be able to showcase this once I’ve graduated.

My photos are still used by Welland both on the website and in additional promotional material. Though I am not credited, I did take the photos and my work is still being used three years later.

[ Welland’s website / Promotional video ]





Full portfolio of photography available on request.

September 2015

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