Social Media Editor [News Day/journalism]

I’ve worked on the social media accounts on news days twice and they’ve always been my favourite news days. In third year, I actually took on the role on my own – I coordinated all the content, promoted stories as they went live, did lots of updates from the newsroom and managed to get lots of content from people out on stories which is something that hadn’t always been achievable. I made nearly 50 posts throughout the day, every single one included photo or video content as well as live updates from a team we had out in Salisbury regarding the nerve agent attack. It was really rewarding to see the improved stats for the day which were approximately five times the usual numbers for an MMJ news day. I also received amazing feedback from my colleagues and tutors, who said that social media was the highest quality it had been all year. I thoroughly enjoyed working on social media and I know this is where I want my future to go.

March 2018

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