President/Marketing Manager @ Sonar Film

Sonar Film is Southampton Solent University’s not-for-profit cinema society run entirely by students. I’d been quite actively involved in my first and second year and was elected President and Marketing Manager in my third year. Running the society alongside working on my third year hands in, having a job and trying to prepare for the future was a challenge but I was more than willing to accept. I loved my time at Sonar Film and I feel like I made a real impact on how the society will function in the future, mending a lot of relationships that had been damaged by previous committees, bringing in the biggest crew the society has ever had and paving the way for long term growth. Go give @sonarfilm a follow on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram – I can’t wait to see where the new committee take the cinema next year.

What is Sonar Film? – blog post ]

What is Sonar Film – veda 12 / video ]



May 2017-May 2018

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