one day, I’ll love you | outfit [blog post]

When I wrote my first blog post acknowledging gaining weight and not being happy with my body, I knew I’d want to post an update on how I’m working on my relationship with my body. I found a pair of culottes in Primark and I wanted to figure out an outfit to put on my blog with them and it slot together quite conveniently. But I found myself very anxious about how I looked in them and how it accentuate different parts of my body so it took me a while to play around with different outfits to find the one I felt comfortable in. I didn’t want every outfit post I wrote to be complaining about my body so I tried to think about it more positively and it was really well received. I’m hoping to do more outfit posts over the summer.

one day I’ll love you – outfit blog post ]

March 2018

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