Matt Flint Workshop [dance photography]

21. flint and that kid

Since the ‘Can You Dance?’ convention, my dance school were keen to make the most of my interest in photography before I moved to uni, so when Matt Flint – an incredible choreography and all round inspiring human – came to do a workshop at Welland, I knew I hadn’t danced for too long and I didn’t have the stamina to join in the class but my wonderful teacher Miss Debbie (another all round astonishing human, one of my biggest inspirations) asked if I’d take some photos on my DSLR. I was actually really disappointed in them because of the way the room is laid out I was shooting into a very sunny day and they were all so backlit, alongside the fact I downloaded some really dodgy editing software and tried my best but I knew nothing – I’d not shot them in raw, I had no idea how to edit and what are camera settings? I didn’t know! But the photos themselves, the compositions and the subjects I think showed promise – I understood that shutter speed was important and I tried to do what I could to help with the light. I really love photographing dance and I cherish this opportunity – it was a wonderful day.

[ photographing a dance workshop ]

21. kizzie

21. matt flint workshop

Full quality portfolio of this session available on request.

September 2015

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