growing up – being in-between [blog]

In June 2016 I decided to blog every day for the month as I’d been struggling to find a routine with blogging since I finished my pages project and this was one of my first tastes of ‘rambling how I’m feeling’ posts and I really liked the style. This post was really important to me – I had finished first year, I could see my 20th birthday approaching in the distance and I was facing my first summer with a job, living with my boyfriend and really struggling with money. That summer was really difficult for lots of reasons but it really motivated me to start working to get out of my overdraft as soon as I could. This post really marked the beginning of me feeling like an adult. I don’t know how much I love that premise, but this blog post has remained really special to me.

growing up – being in-between / blog post ]

June 2016

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