First time presenting [journalism]

I wasn’t a big fan of News Days in my first year – particularly in semester 1, they often meant being sent out to do vox pops (which I hated because I hate bothering strangers), going to take really tenuous photos that weren’t really related to the story or being asked to do something I hadn’t been trained to do yet by uncoorperative members of the editorial team. But on this story, I was given a chance – the third year who was with my friend and I on this story really let us get involved and gave us a chance to contribute to it. I got to conduct an interview as well as my first taste of writing a script and presenting it. I really enjoyed being on this story and it really gave me the motivation to try as hard as I could in the rest of first year which meant I was put on even better stories! From here, my mantra of ‘you get out what you put in’ really came into play!

Toy Sales Rocket to Infinity and Beyond – Solent Journalism ]


February 2016

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