Channel 4 Online [work experience]


Getting work experience was a compulsory part of my course, so when it came to the Christmas holidays I sent off loads of applications and then I got an email back from Channel 4 at the beginning of February. It was all very last minute, but my trains were paid for, I got to stay in a four star hotel and I got food vouchers every day! It was an incredible experience at an incredible company. I made some wonderful friends that I’m still in contact with and it really inspired me to keep up this calibre of work experience for the rest of my degree. I worked with the Online Department, watching a lot of their online content and brainstorming ideas for new content and pitching them to industry professionals at the end of the week. I look back on this week and think so fondly and I’d love to go back to Channel 4 in the future.

First Day at Channel 4 – blog post ]



February 2016

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