Can You Dance? Norwich with Welland School of Dancing [photography]

I first attended ‘Can You Dance?’ convention in 2015 with Welland, taking amateur photos and documenting the day. 4 years later I returned with the same camera and proper photography education to take photos of a much larger group at a much larger convention. I can’t even express how much I loved taking these photos – I feel like I now have a much deeper understanding of the fundamentals of photography and my eye for a good picture has improved so much*. Photography of live performance has been a passion of mine for a long time and following this experience I’m going to upgrade from my kit lens and look for as much experience as I can.

*As I was using the kit lens, the photos are quite grainy as the F stop couldn’t go low enough to compensate for the high shutter speed. I am hoping to be able to afford new lenses soon so I can improve the quality of my photos!

All photos available on my flickr account

April 2019

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