Busted sign new album ‘Night Driver’ at Southampton’s HMV [journalism]

Another part of News Days at university is News Week – for three days we were a functioning, professional newsroom (rather than the usual one day a week!). It gives us a good opportunity to follow through with more stories and see them through to the end in a more up to date way than we normally can in one. In second year, I also bought a ticket to a CD signing for Busted’s newest album ‘Night Driver’ – as it fell at the beginning of News Week I thought I’d make a package about it! I took photos, wrote copy, did vox pop interviews outside the store and filmed clips to put into a little vlog style video with a piece to camera to introduce and conclude. I’m so proud of this package that no one asked me to do and I turned it around in less than 12 hours. The next day I got some really great feedback and my video was used in the TV bulletins too. This was one of my favourite parts of news days – being able to bring my own flare to the stories I worked on.

Busted sign new album Night Driver at Southampton’s HMV – Solent Journalism ]


November 2016

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