18th Birthday Party Content

09. birthday cake

My mum made my birthday cake inspired by two of my favourite things – elephants and Spider-Man.

One of my first blog posts was about my 18th birthday party in 2014 – at this point, I believed blogging needed to be far more formal and factual than the way I write on my blog now. At the time this was one of my most popular blog posts, particularly because I think it did well with distant family on Facebook who didn’t believe I was 18. For my birthday I had been lucky enough to get my first DSLR camera, a Canon 100D. I went on to teach myself a lot about photography where I didn’t have the option to take this more creative unit at Sixth Form. Not many people can say they had a bouncy castle for their 18th birthday!

blog post: Brilliant Bouncy Birthday Bonanza

09. birthday fam

One of my favourite pictures of all time – myself, my beloved Nan and my mum

September 2014

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