Second Day at Channel 4



Today was my first ‘proper’ day doing work experience at Channel 4 – my first day with the online department and a long and interesting day it was!

I thought I’d struggle to wake up in the morning but luckily (in a way) I was so nervous that when my alarm went off at 7.30am I was very awake! So I got dressed, did my make up and went to make the most of the free breakfast before coming back up to my room to brush my teeth and get ready for the day.

Then a bunch of us walked over to the Channel 4 offices to await our managers from each department to pick us up and reveal what was in store for the three days we’re working!

I was picked up by Lauren and James (who are both so unbelievably lovely!) and they took me up to their department and gave me a computer and I had to set up a log in. There was having to ring some sort of tech guy and battle with my awful hearing to understand someone on the other end of the line but eventually I got it all set up and was ready to start.

From there I went for what was basically a chat with Lauren and James – we sat down and talked a bit about me and a bit about them and then spoke through the brief of the Shorts that get put up on Channel 4’s website (I thoroughly recommend watching a few – most of them are about 3 minutes long and some of them are really thought provoking!) and essentially, I’ve got the next three days to come up with an idea to pitch to the Shorts Commissioners on Thursday – it’s a bit daunting right now but I think it’ll be okay.

I spent the rest of the day browsing the Channel 4 website ‘All 4’ to watch recent Shorts and old Shorts to give myself a feel of the kind of content Channel 4 make and what works well on their website. I have a few ideas but I’m going to solidify and work on a few tomorrow I think!

I have a lunch break just after 1 and I realised that the food voucher’s we were given go a long way! I got a plate of chips and two cans of coke (one for lunch, one for back at the hotel later because it’s free!) and I still had more than half of the voucher left. I picked up a twix, some malteasers, a packet of hula hoops and some ‘Proper corn’ and I still didn’t max out the £5! Will definitely be making the most of it tomorrow, more free food yes please!

After lunch I went back to my desk to watch more shorts and later on in the afternoon James and I met with Nicole from Commissions and her work experience girl Alana (who is staying in the same hotel as me!) and we all had a very informal chat about what we want from work experience, where we’d like our careers to go and our home towns! It was all very casual and relaxed and it’s such a cool vibe there at Channel 4.

Around half past 5, I was finished for the day! So I walked in what I knew was the opposite direction to the hotel, thinking I’d find a Tescos that we spotted last night. What actually happened is I got a bit lost, some weird boys tried to talk to me and then I searched for the hotel on maps and found a Sainsburys on the way!

The guys were so weird – I could hear them talking, loud and obnoxious, behind me then they over took me. One of them made a comment but as he turned to look at me he did a double take and said “Oh you’re quite cute actually, lose the glasses and the green coat”. Biting back a snarky comment about needing my glasses to see but if I took them off it meant I wouldn’t be able to see him and let him walk away. I’d shaken off the creepy feeling by the time I got to Sainsburys and then got back to the comfort of my room.

This evening has been particularly chilled – I had a shower when I got back and I’ve been under the covers in bed ever since, playing around on my laptop, eating my Sainsburys dinner and trying to motivate myself to do some work and instead playing mindless games online. Not productive, but fun nonetheless!

Tomorrow will be another day of working on my pitch and dropping in on more meetings and talking to new people and getting contacts hopefully! I’ll feed back again tomorrow night!

Thank you for reading,

Sophie xx


First Day at Channel 4!



Today marks the first of five days of blogging and my first ever work experience placement!

Most people go through work experience when they’re in school and it often gives them a taste of their first job and might even lead to paid employment but my school never did anything like that (because they hated us) (just kidding) (mostly kidding) so this is my first ever time in work experience.

I applied for work experience at Channel 4 because it’s compulsory for me to have work experience as part of my course but I wanted to do it in a work place that I might actually work in when I’ve finished my degree! I applied for the placement on a whim but I actually got it!

And I found out today that I was one of 18 successful out of almost 900 applicants.


I wrote a blog post for UCAS about work experience here if you’d like to read it!

Today was a terrifying day – when I woke up I was in almost-literal tears just because I was so scared. It doesn’t help that it was very early and I’m hormonal but by 7am I was up, dressed, full face of make-up with suitcase in hand to walk to the train station in heels (which was a bad idea, in hindsight). The train journeys were fairly smooth and I got to London in plenty of time to navigate the 15-20 minute walk to Channel 4.

I thought I might struggle to find the building but when I saw a large colourful ‘4’ I knew I’d be okay (in finding the building anyway!).

From there I was given a name badge, found a bunch of nervous looking people and it was all a waiting game from there – we were taken to ‘the drum’ which was just like a waiting room until we went into ‘the cinema’ which was like a little presentation room where we started the day.

The wonderful 4Talent people Laura and Gaby gave us a presentation about what makes up Channel 4, the history of it and the many companies that are all umbrellaed under one company. Channel 4, E4, More4, Film4, 4Music, all4 – there were many ‘4’s today!

After that we were told about the code of conduct and then we went for a tour of the building. It was much bigger than I thought it would be but it was open and cosy and looked like a really friendly environment to work in so I was looking forward to finding out where I would be working for the next three days. From there we were given lunch voucher cards and told to be back in ‘the drum’ by 1.15. The canteen was actually really good and it wasn’t too difficult to get your money’s worth from the voucher! Bodes well for the rest of the week!

In the afternoon we met representatives from most of the departments in the company and most of us got to meet someone that we’d be working with for the rest of this week. The online team look so lovely and it looks like a really creative so I’m excited (and also terrified!) to see what they have in store for me tomorrow!

Then we had another little break (because we’d been sat down for about 2 hours!) and came back to talk about the values of the company and making a good impression with Laura and Gaby, to prepare us for tomorrow. 

At this point in time I’m still a mixture of excited and absolutely terrified but I’m remaining optimistic and I’ll be playing ‘fake it till you make it’ with my confidence for sure!

After we were finished for the day, those of us who have accommodation for the week walked to our 4 star hotel (4 stars!!) and checked in. Once I got my room and key card, we agreed a time to come back down for dinner and went up to our rooms.

I then dumped most of my luggage, sat in the middle of my bed and had a little cry because I was talking to my Southampton family about how they were all going out tonight and suddenly I felt very lonely. But I shut my eyes for a little bit to try and rest and got changed into some comfier clothes to go out for food and pulled myself together.

I’m very lucky to have a bed that could fit approximately seven people!

Look there’s even a fire place!

A bunch of us C4 people then wondered around Westminster for somewhere cheap to eat and decided McDonalds was our best bet. We popped into a little shop for biscuits and snacks (they didn’t have any Pringles!) and then returned to the hotel.

We discussed what time we might come down for breakfast (it depends completely on if I’m awake – I’ll let you know tomorrow!) and then went back to our own rooms. I unpacked a little bit, made myself feel more organised, took all my make-up off, put my pyjamas on and I’m currently sat in bed with a variety of snacks, a book and I’m waiting on the Southampton ones to FaceTime me so I can watch a friends gig, even if I can’t be there in person! (sorry Pete)

Tomorrow is going to be an interesting but big day. I’ll let you know how it goes tomorrow night!

Thank you for reading,

Sophie xx


5 Concert Tips!

Taken at All Time Low’s ‘Back To The Future Hearts’ tour at London O2 Arena on 11-02-16, during Against The Current’s set.


I went to see All Time Low (for the fifth time!) on Thursday night and whilst I was going to write a review of the concert, I’m actually doing that on my university’s news day page – (look for multimedia, that’s me!) and there were quite a few things I noticed about people and things that annoyed me at the concert so I thought I’d make a post about things (not) to do at concerts! More specifically, when you’re standing at a concert.

If you can help it, don’t take one – not only are they a risk that dodgy people might steal from them (though I know no one who’s experienced this), they often just get in the way – I was stood behind this tiny girl that kept glaring at me because I had to keep rearranging her massive bag to make sure it wasn’t stabbing me in the belly button! It was really inconvenient and luckily she and her friend moved away before the second support act came on but even then I was faced with massive back packs and more bags! A small over the shoulder bag is probably best but personally I try to avoid taking bags to concerts at all costs.

I hate to say it, but if you’re short, you’re probably not going to see much and I don’t mean that cruelly – me and my friends were a head above most of the people in the audience and when people put there arms in the air, we struggled to see too. If you’re of a shorter persuasion and really want to have standing tickets to a concert, you have to be prepared that you’re more there for the environment than the sights. People who think they deserve to be in front because they’re short don’t understand that I queued for three hours too and I’m not going to give up my square foot of floor space!

If you’re anymore than about five rows back, you are not going to get your hands on one of those plastic cups of water that security are giving out at the front of the crowd. ‘Why don’t they understand to pass back water?’ – because we live in a selfish world and people will always prioritise their needs before those of people they don’t know. I know this sounds brutally harsh but if you want water you need to get right to the front or go get your own.

I’m very guilty of this, but try not to spend the whole concert looking through a camera or a phone – taking photos and videos for the sake of memories is amazing and makes good YouTube content for daily vlogs (see my January video featuring a Panic! At The Disco concert here!) but you won’t be there in the moment. At this concert, I did get footage for YouTube but when I had a nice clip of each song or took a nice photo, I put my phone away and jumped and sang and it was amazing! Maybe one day if I’m brave enough to not be scared of forgetting the concert, I actually won’t take my phone out at all!

Standing concerts can be the most anxiety spiking environments there is – I don’t often talk about my anxiety online because it’s something I deal with myself but I did have a panic attack at the concert and I had to leave this amazing spot right in front of the stage but it was worth it because we left the crowd and came back in after getting some water and it was so much less stressful than it would have been right in the heart of the crowd. My advice would be to do what’s best for you, don’t worry about how close you are because you’re not going to enjoy the concert if you’re spending the whole time trying to remember how to breathe. Stay safe and do what’s best for you.

Concerts are a tricky environment to be comfortable, I think so anyway and I’ve been to enough standing concerts that I should be okay with it now! But I learn something new and find something that annoys me every single time – I better go to more concerts and figure it out right? If only my bank account would let me!

Leave any of your own tips in the comments!

Thank you for reading,

Sophie xx


Deadpool (movie review)



It’s 11.46pm and I should probably go to bed but I just got back from seeing Deadpool at a screening at my university cinema (cheap films, it’s incredible) and I wanted to write a review because 1) omgitwassogoodiloveit and 2) the film doesn’t come out till Friday in America so there will be less review than if I reviewed it later this week.

Clickbait views, I’m not going to deny it.

Just because I’m not a massive movie goer and I don’t know too much about reviewing films (I just want to review it for fun!) so I’ve made a few notes about aspects of the film I want to talk about and it looks like this.

script – comedy
ryan reynolds
ryan reynolds
4th wall
ryan fucking reynolds

I figure the film is an 18 so some swearing is okay. Sorry nan.

The script is always something I notice about a film – words are my strength and I’ve wanted to learn about scriptwriting for five or six years now, so noticing the way words are used in film (or anywhere really) is something I do. The script is incredible for this movie and the execution of said script is flawless – Reynolds is a phenomenal Deadpool and he has such brilliance and comedic timing that this Marvel superhero movie was more laugh-out-loud funny than any comedy I’ve seen recently. I’ve not laughed so much at a film in a long time.

The action in this film is a given – it’s a superhero movie about a character who’s costume includes two giant swords and a variety of guns. As an 18 rated film, I expected a fair amount of gore and as someone who isn’t a massive fan of gore I thought it was very tastefully done! In some ways it was more realistic than most other superhero movies because the deaths and fighting were more realistic than most fighting and death scenes are in lower rated films and whilst some of it made my stomach turn a little bit, it was appropriate and not done in excess.

Ryan Reynolds. He is a god man walking among mere mortals. And letting is witness his amazing ass. As shown in the movie poster.

On a more serious note – the cast was incredible. They all seemed as invested in the film and the characters as Reynolds was in Deadpool and it showed – they created a film they cared about and loved and it was as amazing and as realistic as a superhero film should and could be.

The music is another aspect of films (or anything really) that I notice quite primarily because it’s a passion of mine and I adore it. The music was very fitting for each moment of the film – there were moments of orchestral tracks and many instances where modern music was used (not that orchestral tracks aren’t modern, but I mean with lyrics and stuff y’know?) and they balanced perfectly. It was emphatic of the mood and reflected the scene, it made the audience laugh and made certain moments more poignant and it was all beautifully composed and performed. It’s definitely a soundtrack I’ll be listening to at some point!

With a character like Deadpool, fans that are familiar with him know that a big part of his character is his bodily deformation (not a spoiler – I knew very little about Deadpool before I saw the film but I knew they he had an… interesting look) but the way they made Reynolds up to create Mr Pool’s character was faultless. Obviously someone who’s into media make-up would probably tell me there were faults but as someone who is just a normal movie viewing, it was faultless! The make-up department on this film deserve a lot of credit because they did a really good job.

This aspect doesn’t really fit in to a more ‘analytical’ review, but I wanted to mention it. I loved the use of the fourth wall – I love that it included the audience without being a patronising children’s show, it was used to a very successful comedic effect and a whole 16 walls were broken in this film.


And lastly, a very important and vital point to this review: Ryan fucking Reynolds.

Deadpool is a fantastic film for anyone who’s a fan of the Marvel franchise and it’s particularly recommend it for fan of The Amazing Spider-Man and X-Men franchises because it gives me the vibes of those two films.

100% recommend this film – it’s funny, action-packed and beautifully shot.

Thank you for reading,

Sophie xx


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*no walls were harmed in the making of this movie**

**to my knowledge

Would You Rather: Book Tag!

A photo I took in September when I moved in, I have many more books now!


My friend Aimee tagged me in the ‘Would You Rather’ book tag and the questions are super interesting, so I’m writing this post with the intent to motivate myself, once again, to read! Since finishing ‘Girl Online: On Tour’ (review here, if you’d like to read) and starting ‘A Mindfullness Guide for the Frazzled’, I’ve hit a bit of a block and not really been writing again.

So hopefully writing about reading will inspire me to read again!

1) Read only series or standalones?
This one’s difficult because there are a lot of series’ that I love but, on the other hand, a lot of my favourite books are standalone novels. I think writing both kinds of novel is an art and a talent – creating a world to craft a whole series around is a lot of difficult work but on the other hand, making a story that is succinct and complete within only one book is another challenge. 

I think I’ll go for standalones because they’re less commitment to read and, overall, history would suggest I’ve enjoyed them more.

2) Read only male or female authors?
Again another tricky one (I feel like most of these questions will be)! Going by my favourite books, they’re pretty balanced between male and female authors – there’s no particular writing style I prefer as I’ve read male authors with male narratives, male authors with female narratives, female authors with male and female narratives and everyone writing from third person! ‘Fangirl’ by Rainbow Rowell is my favourite book of all time but I also love ‘the perks of being a wallflower’ by Stephen Chbosky. I’m one of those people that really enjoyed ‘The Fault in Our Stars’ by John Green and, in my younger reading years, I adored ‘Skulduggery Pleasant’ (Derek Landy) and ‘Maximum Ride’ (James Patterson) but there’s such a mix of genders that I don’t know what to pick!

I’ll say female for Rainbow Rowell and my complete adoration for ‘Fangirl’.

3) Shop at Barnes and Noble or Amazon?
Going to substitute Barnes and Noble for Waterstones because I’m not American but Amazon definitely! I bought three books from Waterstones in January and when writing my ‘what I’m going to read this year’ blog post I realised every single one of them was cheaper on Amazon. 

I love browsing physical books and I want to support bookstores but I’ve got limited money and student budgeting to consider! If I buy books again in the near future (which I really shouldn’t!) I’ll be browsing in-store and buying online because I simply can’t afford in store purchases.

4) All books become movies or TV shows?
There are some brilliant movie-book adaptations and whilst I haven’t really seen any TV adaptations of books I’ve read, I’m going to say TV. Say the options were having the first book of your favourite series turned into a TV show or a movie – a movie is two hours, probably a bigger budget and maybe some bigger names but a TV show might be 12 or 13 hour long episodes. It would mean that the series could go into far much more detail of the book than the movie ever will and then each season might get picked up again for another book within the series. Definitely TV shows!

5) Read 5 pages per day or 5 books per week?
I read very, very slowly and considering I’ve not read a word of the book I’ve currently got on the go in a couple of weeks I’d have to go with 5 pages a day because I’m not capable of reading 5 books per week (however much I wish I was!).

6) Be a professional review or author?
Author – 100%. I’d love to just drop out of uni and work full time on my book and geta publishing deal and become a full time author but it’s not an option for me right now (I really wish it was). I like reviewing books, but I’d much prefer to be writing them!

7) Only read your top 20 books over and over or always read new ones that you haven’t read before?
I don’t have a top 20 (though maybe I should create one?) but I do love rereading my old favourites… I don’t know if I’d like never reading a new book though – this one’s particularly tricky!

I think I’ll go with new books, because I’m going to say that when a new edition of my favourite book is printed it counts as a new one. Maybe it’s cheating, maybe it’s me being sneaky, but that’s my answer!

8) Be a librarian or a book seller?
Book seller – I’ve only ever seen miserable, stickler-for-the-rules librarians in my life that are so ‘by the book’ (literally) that I might hate both my life and books by the end of it! A book seller I think would be able to chat about books more with a bigger variety of people and you’d get discounted books as well! 

9) Only read your favourite genre or every genre except your favourite?
Only read my favourite genre – I think I’d say ‘fantasy’ is my favourite genre (with the occasional bit of young adult romance in there as well!) but fantasy covers so many things – there’s young adult fantasy, fantasy adventure, sci-fi fantasy; it’s such a broad genre with so many sub genres that I don’t think I could ever get bored!

10) Only read physical books or ebooks?
Physical books – I do have a kindle that I read on while I was in Ecuador and I think if I were going on holiday I’d get books on there but only so I could take as many as I wanted! The ebook is very practical and makes taking many books without weighing yourself down easy, but to me there’s nothing to match holding a physical book when reading – I like bending the spine back so it lies flat and folding the corners of the page to bookmark it. I like books that look like they’ve been read rather than leaving them pristine on the shelf – I love having books that are mine and I love looking at my little library. 

Nothing beats a physical book!

I tag Meet On The High Street because she’s such a lovely girl and a wonderful blogger, have fun Renee! Hope you like books!

Thank you for reading,

Sophie xx


First Time Gym Goer!

Whilst I didn’t take this photo, I didn’t want to take pictures of randomers at the gym so took this one from their website. Still not cheating?


As per every year, just like everyone else, I decided that this year I want to be a lot fitter and I want to take control of my weight and my health and it didn’t start off very well – I was going to start going for runs when I got back to Southampton after New Years and I just didn’t.

What kickstarted me into actually going to the gym was when I had a three hour dance session and I saw all the other girls in their costumes and I felt like a potato in a leotard and I was like right – gym time!

There’s a gym just up the road from where I live called ‘The Gym’ (truly imaginative!) and it’s actually relatively cheap for students – it costs my £14.99 a month. I’m justifying it by saying if I paid per session it would be £4.99 and to make the membership worth it, I only have to go three times a month which isn’t actually much at all! But it’s worth looking around in other gyms wherever you are to see what you can get, you can get lots of different kinds of membership deals.

The first time I went to the Gym I went with my best friend Nikki because she’d been going to the gym for the few months and she knew how everything worked. Going with a friend worked really well for me (and Nikki, I think!) because we used the same machines and we set the same time limits on each machine but we just did our own thing – we worked as hard as we wanted to and we actually ended up having pretty similar fitness levels so we were ready to work out for the same amount of time on each machine we went on.

The most daunting thing I found was the little pod thing that we had to go through to get into the gym – you have to enter a code, a door opens, you step into this pod, then there’s this horrible 10 seconds where the door behind you is closing and the door in front is opening and it’s to make sure that people don’t just walk in and use the gym but the anxiety is sky high in that moment.

Once we were in the gym, we just used the machines so we had a very cardio based workout – we started doing ten minutes on the treadmill, the cycling machine, the cross trainer, the rowing machine and then the treadmill again. We were going to try and find a weights machine where we could do some more arm based work out but there were lots of muscly, intimidating men so we’re going to hope it’s quieter next time we go and then hopefully do some sit ups and exercises on the mat too but there was a class this time.

We’re going to experiment with the time we go – we’re both interested in going a bit later because we both lead very busy days so after dinner (or maybe before a late dinner, we’re working on it) but we’d prefer when it’s a bit quieter.

It’s so nice to have a gym buddy because you can inspire each other to go, you can motivate each other and Nikki also says she’s going to be my dietician so there’s that too! It helps that I love Nikki with all my heart so we can spend a little bit more time together.

The thing that struck me most while I was at the gym for the first time, was that when I saw all the other women who were in really good shape and probably have their lives together and have a schedule where they go to the gym regularly, I wasn’t jealous of them, I found it nice that there were women that had control of their lives and I felt inspired to be more like them! This surprised me a lot, because I’m quite a jealous person but I’m not motivated enough to do something about things I’m not happy about with myself. It was a pleasant surprise!

Thank you for reading,

Sophie xx


One Name, Many People



Since coming back to university, my timetable has changed a bit – I’m studying three new units and some of my classes have been changed.

I’m still taking part in Shorthand but instead of doing a one hour session with half my course like I did last semester, we have a two hour session with the entire course.

The only issue is (other than the fact shorthand is a bit tedious!) that there are three people on my course with my name – there’s three of us and when we were separated into classes, the other two are in a different class. It’s the first time this year I’ve experienced being called ‘Sophie L’ and responding whenever my tutor said ‘Sophie S’ or ‘Sophie W’ (it’s a very confusing system).

But it’s not the first time I’ve had to deal with this – when I was in primary school, I was the only Sophie in my year and I never had to worry about responding to anyone else’s name. So when I hit secondary school and there were five Sophie’s in my year and about thirty of us in the school, I heard my name left, right and centre and it was rarely in reference to me.

By the time I hit A Level, there was another Sophie in my lit class, another Sophie in my chemistry class, and maths and English language were my little breaks from having to decide whether I had to respond to my own name. 

‘Sophie’ has consistently been on the top 10 most popular girls name list – it hit a low in the early 60s being around 800th in popularity but it’s been on the up ever since and now remains in the top 10. I thought it would go out of fashion eventually but basically everyone I know knows someone called Sophie – they’ve got a friend or a sister or a family friend, it’s a very popular name!

I know people that complain when you can get things with your name on – key rings, hair brushes etc – that their name is never there because it’s an unusual or unpopular name. I have the opposite problem – they make things with my name on but there are so many people with my name that they normally don’t have any left!

Names are a funny thing and I find their origins and why people have their names very interesting, but if the popularity of ‘Sophie’ could decrease I think that would make me very happy!

A discussion in the comments about names and their popularity would be really fun so let’s talk about names!

Thank you for reading,

Sophie xx


4 Years of All Time Low!



First off – I’m very aware that All Time Low have been around for far longer than 5 years, but that’s not what today’s post is about! 4 years ago today was the first time I saw my favourite band and that means I’ve been a fan for about six years, which is the longer time I’ve been a fan of anything really!

26th January 2012, Cambridge Corn Exchange, it was a school night. My friends and I got ready in the school toilets and it was the best concert I’d ever been to. We were up in the seated area of the circle and I remember I’d had a really shitty day and wasn’t feeling too optimistic as we were driving to Cambridge.

But it was incredible – I fell in love with the band even more, I got to see We Are The In Crowd and The Maine and a couple of my friends were seeing their first concert and it was incredible, I can’t imagine a better first-All Time Low concert.

And I’ve seen them again every year since – 2013 in Nottingham with my darling Louise, 2014 in Birmingham where we took the school minibus and 2015 at Wembley where they recorded their DVD (that hasn’t come out yet? As far as I’m aware?) and every year just gets better and better as I love them even more.

Obviously I’m going in 2016 too – London, February 11th! There’s also an opportunity to intern with Adam Elmakias, a music photographer who’s worked a lot with All Time Low. He has my dream job and I aspire to take photos like him – I really hope I get the chance to intern with him because it would be an absolute dream come true.

2012 Sophie with two of her best friends… in the school toilets! Look at those chubby cheeks and that selfie game.

We thought it was adorable that we all bought matching t-shirts… it was adorable and still is.

I’d like to hope my photography skills have improved somewhat since 2012! Maybe if I get to intern with Adam Elmakias, I’ll get some more photos like this!!

I’m so pumped to see All Time Low again this year – they’ve been such a big part of my teenage life and here’s to seeing them again next year!

Thank you for reading (four consecutive days blogging!),

Sophie xx


Clickbait on YouTube



Since finishing my ‘blog every day for a year’ project, I’m loving blogging when I want about what I want and I’m feeling more inspired than ever! I can get inspiration from anywhere and today’s post came from YouTube.

An Alfie Deyes vlog cropped up in my recommended page and whilst I don’t follow him myself – nothing horrible, just not a fan of his style – I do follow Zoe and I’d not seen anything on her channels about a ‘big day’. I watched the entire vlog without any big day really big announced…

Videos like this irritate me – in the header photo alone you can see that using the suggestion of a wedding in the title, clickbait, got PointlessBlogVlogs over double the views than the vlog directly above it. Now I’ll be the first to say I’m not an awful big fan of (what I call) ‘The Amity Fest lot’ – I’m only subscribed to Zoe and Louise. However all 9 of them boycotted Summer in The City, the biggest British YouTube convention, in favour of an Amity Fest tour that never happened. To me, that said they boycotted an event that they probably wouldn’t have profited from for one they would have, which doesn’t say much I don’t think.

I could go off on a massive rant about the state of YouTube but this isn’t the time or place and I’d probably offend a lot of people. So I’ll try to offend as little as possible and continue talking about clickbait.

It’s a technique that is proven to work – using SEO words (search engine optimisers, I had to google it in a lecture once) to get traffic and attention is a successful way of making more people interested in the video and often they’ll watch a whole video to get to the bit they clicked on for! This often includes hints of drama or gossip or someone famous/with more subscribers that features.

Drama and gossip includes titles such as Mr Deyes’ ‘Announcing the Big Day’, suggesting he and the biggest female vlogger in the UK Zoe ‘Zoella’ Sugg were engaged when they are in fact not. Another example is a Sacconejolys vlog titled ‘WE ARE SPLITTING UP’ when they went to London for the day and did different things, rather than actually ending their marriage as the title suggests as everyone watching may have assumed!

Using people as clickbait isn’t always as bad – if you’ve done a collaboration with another YouTuber or a celebrity then crediting them in the title seems only fair but that’s not what I mean when I say using someone else’s name as clickbait. What I mean is when people put other peoples names in the video because they mention them or when they’re not the main feature of the vlog. I’ll still with PointlessBlogVlogs and Sacconejolys as my examples – Alfie uses Zoe’s name in the titles of a lot of his vlogs because her viewers are more likely to watch a video and engage with it more if they see someone they like in it. I remember once the Sacconejolys put ‘Zalfie’ in the title of their video and I had to watch it twice to check they weren’t in it! They’re clearly doing it to get more viewers and I think it just manipulates viewers and is somewhat uncreative in terms of creating a vlog title.

I get that not every vlog is going to be high energy and exciting because every day life isn’t like that, but using other people with more subscribers to get views isn’t showcasing your best ability as a YouTuber.

A lot of YouTubers do it to maximise as many viewers as they can get but I think there’s a limit where it just becomes unprofessional and clickbait-y, it bothers me probably more than it should.

But YouTube is always a good topic for starting a discussion so please leave a comment telling me your thoughts! I’d love to have a chat about the whole thing or any more examples of super clickbait-y video titles!

Thank you for reading,

Sophie xx


Happy Birthday Lucas!



Three guesses what this blog post is about… my wonderful boyfriend Lucas turns 20 today and whilst he will never consider himself an adult and probably doesn’t want me reminding him of his age but I’m dating an older man… and I like making that joke.

I could share so many awful photos – I’ve got bad selfies and photos in dresses and photos of baby photos but sometimes I’m totally astounded by how much I feel for this boy and I want to be able to look back at this post as the first birthday either of us shared and for it to actually be sentimental and cute and not ‘lol I’m embarrassing you’.

That and then he can’t get revenge on my birthday.

It’s astonishing that this boy (and all my uni friends really!) have only been in my life for five months – I feel like I’ve spent a lifetime with him and I forget he doesn’t know the people I know from home and he wasn’t there through my school life and he’s not seen me do so many things. But I don’t think it matters because we get to share new things together – we’ve gotten to see each other move out and live independently for the first, we’ve gotten to see each other start on the courses at university that will hopefully get us to where we want to be in the future and we could to start the rest of our lives together.

I don’t know if I can put into words how much I care for this boy and seeing him hit this milestone birthday is both an honour and a privilege (how pretentious does that sound?).

So happy birthday Lucas! I hope you love all the many, many cakes I’ve ended up baking (because I went way overboard and I really love baking and you didn’t tell me I was being stupid or weird) and I hope you’re as excited for MCM Comiccon London as I am! It’s going to be so much fun to go to my first not-YouTube convention with you and you know I think you’re adorable when you nerd out. I’m so excited it’s going to be amazing.

You’ve made the last 5 months of my life so much better than I ever anticipated them being – that first day where we watched Doctor Who together and got fish and chips from (what’s now become) ‘our’ chip shop was the start of the best friendship I could ever imagine and the most amazing relationship. I love you so much Lucas, I hope you have the best birthday ever.

Thank you to everyone for reading,

Sophie xx

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