How I Write Blog Posts | June



This month has been an incredible month for me and it’s really reignited my love for blogging again. Mostly because I’ve been much more organised in planning my posts a lot more – it’s colour coordinated and I make notes, sometimes a week in advance depending on how early I have the idea.

But here’s how I write my posts, step by step!

I start by coming up with the idea – I find that if I go looking for ideas I become particularly uninspired so I find ideas in every day life and from what I read online and what I’m watching. I find blog posts easier to write if I actually have an interest and knowledge of the subject! (Hence why no posts regarding the EU referendum).

The next step is picking a colour to write in because I don’t want to use the same colour again too soon or have any colours clashing – it’s very important.

After deciding what colour to write my title in, I use a normal biro to write a page of bullet pointed notes of points I want to make in the blog post. I find it gives me more of an idea of what I’m writing and my posts have more of a structure as a consequence.

(Sometimes at this point I have a shoot to take the header photos for my posts but not for every post).

When I actually get to writing the post on my computer, I start with titling, selecting the categories (a wordpress thing that sections my posts into categories, so if you want to read all my posts in 2016, got to the 2016 category!), setting the featured image and writing the caption that will be automatically posted on my social media in sharing. I call this bit ‘admin’ though, realistically, it’s not very admin-y at all.

I then write the notes I’ve made out in bullet points and from those bullet points I then write them out in full – some sentences I do write word for word but I often expand on a lot of points in much more depth, using it as a prompt.

Then I scroll through and pretend to proofread the post but often at this point I’m very tired and upload it without reading it because I am very lazy. It’s not really a good thing. I’m working on it!

Once I’ve published it, I have a look at it on the website to make sure it’s all formatted correctly and then it’s all done and dusted!

It’s mostly waiting for a response from that point – I often get feedback from Lucas and my mum to tell me about their thoughts on the post. I don’t get masses of views so I’m not exactly overwhelmed with comments to monitor but I write my blog because I like writing my blog, not because of who reads it.

And that’s a little inside look into my method of blogging, I hope you enjoyed it!

Thank you for reading,

Sophie xx


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Cooking! | June



Even the thought of writing this blog post has got me very excited, I’ve become a proper foodie person now.

Since early March my wonderful boyfriend Lucas and I have gotten more into cooking – we make a list of what meals we’re going to make every day and we go to Asda on a Monday to buy what we need and it’s a good way of saving money as probably being a lot more healthy than we would be if we weren’t cooking!

I’m not entirely sure what sparked it – maybe because we were trying to eat together and ready meals just weren’t working very well or maybe it was my sudden craving to cook (that was mostly baking cravings before Christmas). But we’re cooking now and I actually get excited about it!

Screen Shot 2016-06-06 at 22.52.11

my instagram: @sophiealuckett


As you can tell from my instagram at the time – I was really happy with the food we were making! I got really into taking photos of what I was eating because I was proud of what I was making!

The cooking isn’t a health thing – I don’t really know if what we are eating is healthy but from trying to make a couple of healthy dishes in the past, we’ve actually found it’s way more expensive to be healthy so we’ve stuck with what we know which is how to make some not-particularly-unhealthy-ish meals on a budget and not any super healthy meals that cost more.

That’s another blog post entirely!

When we first started cooking it was a lot of the same meals – cream of mushroom pasta bake, spaghetti and meatballs, garlic chicken and potato cubies – but we started doing one new meal a week and whilst we don’t always stick to it, we try to cook every night we’re in. We have some dishes that are easier than others and if we know we’ve got a long day ahead we’ll put an easy dish at the end of it.

But we’ve expanded! The featured photo is of (what we call) our pizza pasta and we can make a good toad in the hole, we make our own burgers and I’m getting really good at mash to go with fish! We experimented with a potato salad, we made some really good wraps last month and I’ve got a tab open on my phone with 80-something buzzfeed recipes that I’m going to peruse while I’m away with my mum and sister next week and pick some new recipes for us to try!

Something we’ve found particularly fun (or I’ve found particularly fun, at least) is following the recipe step by step the first time we make it but then, as we go along, learning it and adapting it to make it our own recipe, tailored to our own tastes. I really like learning new things and being able to make such nice food for ourselves is really satisfactory!

We’ve starting writing our favourite recipes down in a recipe book my mum bought us at Easter – she bought us a set of beautiful colourful sharpies and we’re going to get a bunch of photos printed to stick in too. We’re hoping that it’ll last us years and it’ll be something to look back on when we’re old and grey, thinking of the crappy kitchen in university halls that we met in.

From a money point of view, we generally spend about £20-£30 a week on food and this includes mostly meat products, potatoes, basics like eggs and milk, a lot of cheese and that sounds like a lot of carbs.

But for example this week, all we bought was button mushrooms, bacon, milk and eggs (and some painkillers but that’s not relevant). On a week where we’re stocking up on meat products (we’ve got chicken, fish, beef mince and frozen sausages in the freezer right now) it’ll be a bit more but generally we buy in bulk or look out for offers and make the most of frozen products. Or make the most of a parent visiting, that’s fun too.

Going to uni is about learning to balance what is necessary and what we want but at the end of the first year we think (hope) we’ve just about got the hang of it!

Thank you for reading (and questions, particularly about cooking at uni, please leave them in the comments!),

Sophie xx


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the beginning of summer (and blogging every day in June!)



Summer is notoriously a time where, personally, I feel overwhelmingly more happy and just have a brighter outlook on everything.

Even though I finished uni at the end of April, nothing’s slowed down or given me more free time – I feel as busy as ever! I applied for a bunch of jobs and within three days I’d been to two job interviews and got two job offers which was definitely a bit of an ego boost! I started working at Paperchase a couple of weeks ago and I feel like I’m settling in really well. Also that I want to buy all the products I’m selling but I’ve so far resisted.

But summer signifies the end of an academic year – my friends are all starting to go home for the summer and whilst a couple of us are staying in Southampton over the summer, I’m having to say goodbye to the people I’ve been living with for nine months and to friends for four whole months after seeing them almost every day before we all come back to uni in September.

We made the most of the last of our time together by spending a lot of time in the sun and sitting in the park – the boys often play frisbee and with a ball and we play music and chat. It’s a really nice, casual way to spend the last of our time together.

Now, the weather isn’t as nice as it was and I can feel it in my mood, but after a weekend at MCM ComicCon and VidfestUK and a Busted concert (that I am going to blog about!) staying in for a couple of days watching the rain outside my window whilst sleeping and dozing off is wonderful. I do have work tomorrow though so going back to real life a little bit!

This is where the summer I had in mind really starts – mostly working but also making the most in not having uni by doing a lot of creative things. My friend Pete recently started reading my book and told me that he really enjoyed it so I really want to start rewriting ‘Type 3: Hyper-Intelligent’, so that’s one of my summer projects!

I also want to get back into making YouTube videos, I’ve planned 7 videos that I really need to sit down and make but I just haven’t done it yet. I’ve got colouring books and writing books and scrapbooks and so many things I want to do but I’m hoping that outside of work I’ll be doing creative things and going to the gym! (I’m determined to have lost some weight by my birthday!)

I’m also moving out of halls and into a studio flat with Lucas over the summer on July 1st which is very exciting (and hasn’t been confirmed yet, which is making me a little nervous). I’m looking forward to getting out of halls because it’s noisy and people steal my stuff from the kitchen and not many people do their washing up and the beds aren’t very nice but in 31 days we’ll be moving to the flat with the double bed and I’m very excited.

When we stayed in London for MCM we got a double bed in the hotel and it was glorious. I’ve not slept so well in so long. Though, in those 31 days I’m going away with my mum for a week, Lucas has got work experience at Glastonbury and then we’re moving so hopefully it won’t be too bad!

I have a few plans for the summer – I am going to Centre Parcs with my mum and sister in a couple of weeks, the week after I might be going home for a few days for my nan’s birthday depending on work and then I’m moving to the new flat then it’s mostly working for the rest of the summer! Lucas and I are hoping to get a weekend away in too but it depends on work and money mostly.

Essentially I’m fundraising for second year!

I do have a few monthly plans for this summer – I’m going to be blogging every day in June, doing an ab challenge in July and I’m thinking of something to do in August! I’m going to be using my Happiness Planner (another blog post I will write) to plan my summer (I bought the July-June one because the Jan-Dec one was sold out but also because I would have been a few months behind and that hurts my heart). 

Yes, mum, I did spend quite a bit of money on a notebook but it’s beautiful and I’m going to make it super colourful and pretty and it makes my organisational heart super happy.

It’s going to be a good summer and I wanted to make a post to announce my 30 days of blogging to try and get back into it a little bit. I’ll write again tomorrow!

Thank you for reading,

Sophie xx


‘The Jungle Book’ review



Last weekend, my boyfriend Lucas and I went on a date day to Bournemouth (and you should definitely have a look at my Instagram for some gorgeous pictures of the beach, it was a beautiful day) and amongst walking on the beach and eating fish and chips and watching the sunset, we went to see the new live action Jungle Book film too.

I’m a massive Disney fan – they were the movies of my childhood and I have vivid memories of going to world book day in reception (aged 5) dressed as Peter Pan. I also used to sit at my bedroom window hoping he would come and take me away to Neverland!

The funny part is I was envisioning the animated character coming to get me.

So I was dubious about this movie – I used to watch the Jungle Book with my dad and he was my Baloo and he knew all the words and it was a movie I really treasured as a child and I didn’t want this film to ruin it.

I was excited as Jack Howard, YouTuber and film-maker, went to the Jungle Book premier and took to twitter to say: “The Jungle Book is first of the Disney remakes they’ve got right. Very very right. It’s beautifully executed. I loved everything about it.”

He added: “Respectfully references the cartoon while being it’s own thing. The Jungle Book was the first one that felt like it wasn’t embarrassed to be the film it needs to be. SONGS!”

Jack’s opinion on films aligns very similarly to mine and these comments made me very excited to see the film myself and boy, did it follow through.

I adored this film – I felt everything from nostalgia, happiness, fear, sadness and then a whole heap of more nostalgia. The character kept to the essence of the story and had very sensible nods to the almost-childish Disney animation without copying it’s success completely. 

In a way it felt like a more grown up film, with less comic relief and more action – the songs that were included were the most famous ones from the original film but not big song and dance numbers. Mowgli and Baloo sung a chorus or two and King Louie almost spoke his iconic song. It was classy and I had tears in my eyes through most of the film, if I’m honest.

The cast is completely astonishing – every new character I was leaning over to Lucas and figuring out who it was because there are some astoundingly big names for a film that so many people were dubious about.

Whilst it’s described as a ‘live action’ film, no orangutan is proportionally that big and neither are elephants, let alone getting a tiger to cooperate with all the animals around the waterhole and learn lines.

Was that too much?

Either way it makes a point – the animation style is incredible and it payed such close attention to detail in every different animal and species that were included in the story. It’ll be interesting to see the behind the scenes of the stripped down film and the process that made it the spectacle it is.

I really did thoroughly enjoy The Jungle Book in a completely different way to the original and it’s a weird thought that to 2016’s generation of new Disney fans, this will be their Jungle Book – bringing Disney to a whole new group of people.

Thank you for reading,

Sophie xx


The ‘Last’ Dance Show

A photo I took of my old dance studio back in September.


Last month I went back up home to the East Midlands, almost two hundred miles away from Southampton, to see my old dance school, The Welland School of Dancing’s show. I’d been invited by my old ballet teacher following some photography work I did for the new website.

On the night, I knew I wanted to write about the show and how it felt to me and I even planned it the very night I got back but I couldn’t bring myself to write it – whilst I loved that school and the show was brilliant, not being a part of it and writing out my notes just seemed like a lot so here I am a month later actually writing this.

It was very strange to be seeing a show I was so familiar with being a part of – going in through the front entrance and up to the theatre seats rather than to the stage door to go to the dressing room and see all the people I used to dance with. It was actually really sad – I can’t think of another word to describe it, any other word seems to dressed up when at heart, it was just very sad.

I’m not ashamed to admit I spent most of the first half with tears in my eyes, seeing all the little ones who had come so far and some friends who were performing in their last show and seeing the dances I would have been in if I were still there.

The show was called ‘The Four Seasons’ and followed the time of a year, with a clever motif of a red cardigan showing a character growing up throughout the year. But around ‘September’ time, all the girls, my friends, that were in their last show did a Leavers Dance to show them going off to university or dance college and I cried like a baby. There were photos projected on the back of the stage and whilst I wasn’t in any of them, one of the photos I had taken on the many occasions I’ve taken photos for Welland was used and I genuinely couldn’t stop crying at this point in the show. It was beautiful and poignant and I wish my lot of leavers had the same opportunity when we did our last show.

From there I didn’t really stop crying. It was an emotional show for me and I wasn’t even in it.

But due to the seasons theme, it had such a solid conclusion and it felt like a real ending to me – it felt like I was really leaving too and I feel like it was my last real connection with that school. I only stopped dancing at Welland last June and I haven’t stopped dancing since, but I don’t know if I can go back now.

The show that felt like an ending to me and the girls who were leaving though, was just the beginning for so many of those young dancers. So many talented girls who are just beginning to realise their dreams and their passion for performing because there was so much passion on that stage.

This is the beginning of the rest of their careers.

My old dance school is such a family like environment that I struggle to call it my ‘old’ dance school because I still feel such a part of it, even though I’m really not any more.

However this won’t stop me from going to watch every show in the future – whether I know half the cast or it’s a brand new bunch of kids, I love that school with all my heart and part of me will always want to go back to that beautiful studio.

I’ve always performed – I’ve danced since I was three and done school shows since I was 11 – and I won’t be stopping any time soon.

Thank you for reading,

Sophie xx


Instagram Wrap-Up: March



My friend Aimee did an Instagram Wrap-Up in February and I’ve been posting quite often on Instagram this month (so if you don’t follow me, @SophieALuckett) so I thought I’d do the same thing!

This was my third dance comp with my university team and whilst we didn’t place very well, we got the best scores we’d got all season so we were super proud!

We quite often like to go to the pub with our friends and Lucas quite likes taking selfies – follow me on snapchat (also @SophieALuckett!) for very regular selfie updates!

I’ve never been a massive gamer – MarioKart is the extent of my gaming capabilities – but I really do love MarioKart and this Yoshi Fight Pad (Game Cube controller… thing) is gorgeous and I love it!

Lucas and I got really into cooking last month and I started Instagramming a lot of what I ate (as you’ll see!) but this garlic chicken and herbed potato cubes is one of our favourites!

Alongside going to the pub, our whole friendship group was craving a roast! So our amazing chef friend Nick (best friend infinite-ever, Instagram @nick1997poopy for pretty food photos!) cooked for us! I was in charge of dessert and made an ‘amazing’ apple crumble! Not my words I promise.

Sticking with the cooking theme, our spaghetti and meatballs with mozzarella garlic bread was one of our favourites – next step, learn to make our own meatballs!

Definitely one of my favourite dinners this month – garlic and herb salmon with cheesy mash! I love salmon, but it’s quite expensive! However we figured out the budget to treat ourselves and it was really good, definitely one we’re hoping to do again soon!

And unfortunately this is where the food posts conclude! After successfully getting up for a 9am lecture, I went to the library to work on my law assignment and feeling productive obviously includes taking a very studenty library picture right? Instagram is more important than studying, yeah?

And a few selfies from the first time I went home since Christmas! Mid-March and I was having my first trip home, the sun was shining, I felt cute, many selfies were taken, no shame was felt.

And the last dance comp rolls around! I hadn’t got any photos in my costume as of yet and I was determined to make sure I got one this time – I loved my jazz costume and I’m so proud of all the dance and cheer teams for the achievements!! Hopefully it won’t be my first and last year as a Raven and hopefully I’ll get back onto the jazz team next year, if it doesn’t get cut (fingers crossed)!

I took a lot of photos from that weekend at comp and the contents of my bag was one of them – got to love a good flatlay!

And here we have my second ever night out in my seven months so far at uni! It was actually a really good night and I really enjoyed it – so much so I’ve already got a couple more nights out planned! Also – my hair is now blue. More to follow.

But first more pictures from that night out with Lucas – there’s normally photographers floating around clubs (that sounds dodgy – they’re official photographers!) and the two photos I was in were actually really nice photos, but I love this boy a hell of a lot and, however soppy, I like sharing that.

Wonky eyeliner and blue hair – perfect excuse for a selfie! Right?

And last post of the month with my boy! The night before I uploaded this, I got a bit upset about friends from school and stuff going on, so I was lucky to have this one by my side.

I think that’s a total of 15 posts this month! Apparently I go through phases with where I make content – at first I made a lot of YouTube videos, then I blogged for a year, then I kept up the blogging fairly successfully and now I use Instagram a lot.

Which leads me on to why I made a post saying I was going to blog more then proceeded to not blog – I’ve got a lot going on right now, I’m taking on a lot at uni, there’s deadlines, socialising, trying to keep up with some sort of fitness and by the time I sit down at my computer, I don’t want to be doing anything as focused as writing a blog post – I want to mindlessly scroll through Facebook or play stupid childish games online. I’ve spent a lot of my time recently being very tired and I’m trying to fix it, but right now my blogging isn’t getting the attention it should and I’m really disappointed about that.

I still have ideas for blog posts – when the bombs went off on the metro in Brussels, I wanted to write a blog post about the horrible event and the actually pretty moving screencap I got from Twitter that day.

Because people always mock social media and online mediums but when the whole world can come together and support those in need, I think it’s truly beautiful.

But that story is no longer all that relevant so there’s not too much point in writing a blog post about it!

Similarly, I was going to write about Zendaya being confirmed in the new Spider-Man movies and how secretive the whole thing is that she’s not allowed to say who she’s playing or anything that’s happening, just that she’s in it as well as Spider-Man being announced in the Captain America: Civil War trailer! There’s a lot of exciting Spider-Man news right now and my love for Spider-Man is still as strong as it’s ever been… but that story isn’t relevant anymore either.

I have a post drafted about how I went to see my old dance school’s show and how weird it felt and I think I’m still going to write that one out, but I drafted it the night I saw the show and two weeks later here we are – I’ve still not written it!

So just rest assured – I’m as disappointed in myself for not blogging as anyone who checks my blog is that there were no posts. I really am working on uploading more regularly I promise!

Thank you for reading, I hope you enjoyed this post,

Sophie xx


Keeping Busy (and new blogging plan)!



It’s been a lot longer than I thought it had since I last blogged! Because blogging is something that I did so much last year and I was maintaining quite well, I didn’t realise that I hadn’t blogged since Channel 4 till I really thought about how long ago it was!

It’s been about three weeks which feels like a really long time! I’ve been non-stop working and doing stuff since I got back from Channel 4 really – that weekend I was in Birmingham for a dance comp and then I was thrown straight back into uni with a 9am lecture and doing stuff every day before going to London for a dance comp the following weekend (where we arrived and ran to the arena 8 minutes before we had to perform!) and then another week of uni and I started to get ill and then I got increasingly ill to the point where my boyfriend thought I had flu and I’m only just recovering now! 

It’s been a long few weeks but last night I sat and realised how long it had been and got a bit sad that I’d neglected this blog so much! I used to take such pride and love in blogging and at that low-point last night it felt like a lot of hard work and effort and I didn’t know if I wanted to do it anymore.

But then my boyfriend, Lucas (I wrote a blog post about him a while back if you want some context about him!), who I talk about fairly/very regularly, suggested that for every blog post I write, he’d make a vlog. He’s talked to me about vlogging for a really long time now and as well as inspiring me to blog it also gives him an incentive to start vlogging so it’s win-win! We pinky promised on it and everything.

Then when I had a spare moment at uni today and I actually started sorting out my blogging life and putting this together, I remembered that it wasn’t hard work at all and as soon as I started writing it became effortless!

I’m going to make an effort to read a lot more blogs than I do right now and I’m hoping that’ll inspire me with other topics I could talk about too!

When Lucas posts his first vlog I’ll be sure to post a link somewhere – it might even be a sneak preview into what happens in my monthly vlog too!

I’m getting all excited again and that’s always a good sign!

Thank you for reading,

Sophie xx


Leaving Channel 4 :(

Some of the Work Experience lot outside the Channel 4 offices!


Sorry this post is a bit late – by the time I got back on Friday it was kind of late and then the weekend was manic busy and my Monday was not a great day either so it’s been a little delayed, but here’s what happened on my last day at Channel 4!

Waking up next to Lucas definitely made getting ready for the day easier – I curled my hair and did my make-up and then made him get out of bed. He wondered around London sightseeing while I was at Channel 4 and we met up at the train station later that day.

When I arrived at Channel 4, we went and sat in ‘the drum’ which acted as a sort of waiting area for the cinema and the start of our day. We were all getting a bit sad at this point because we didn’t want to leave Channel 4 or each other but then we were escorted into the cinema and we all gave feedback on what we did with our weeks and what we’d learnt and gained from our work experience and it was so nice to hear from everyone and tell them what I’d achieved!

From there we had a talk with someone called Miles who records the bit between programs that’s a bit like “you’ve just been watching something, now here’s something else!” and it was really interesting and he was really funny.

From there we went to lunch (fish and chips!) and when we came back we had a talk in the afternoon about personal branding, goal setting, where we can go next and how to improve our our CVs and applications.

Whilst I didn’t want to leave and I was loving still being with everyone, I was really conscious that Lucas was just in London on his own and I felt guilty for leaving him so when we did finish, I left pretty swiftly. I walked to the underground, got to Waterloo which was manic busy and eventually found Lucas. Something was wrong with South West trains so the backlog meant it was really busy and trains were being reshuffled left, right and centre. I was really glad Lucas was there because alone I don’t think I’d have made it home.

But eventually we sat on the floor of a train carriage for about an hour and a half and we were back in Southampton!

From there the post gets less interesting because it’s not about Channel 4! I went to Asda to pick up some food for the dance competition I was leaving for at 6am the following day (I’m still so tired, so tired!) and then we went back to halls, ordered Pizza Hut, I had a shower, I packed for the weekend, I made a pasta thing to eat at the weekend and then I collapsed. Ready to wake up at 5am!

This week at Channel 4 was amazing – I was so lucky to work with such an incredible department, an amazing work experience team and at a brilliant company! Channel 4 have so many amazing schemes and opportunities that I sincerely recommend looking into it, I know I will be!

Thank you for reading,

Sophie xx


Last Day in Department at Channel 4!

My desk for the last three days!


Today was my last day working with the online department at Channel 4 and whilst it was sad saying goodbye to everyone, it was a much better day than yesterday!

Waking up was definitely more difficult this morning than it has been for the rest of this week, it doesn’t help that feeling ill meant I couldn’t sleep before 2am but it wasn’t the best start to the day. But I got dressed, did my make-up and got ready for the day – I left to head to Channel 4, determined to make the most of the day since I’d wasted half of it yesterday.

I got back to my desk and watched a few more of the shorts series on All4 whilst I was finalising my own ideas for shorts ready for my pitch that afternoon. But because I was so happy with the ideas I’d come up with, it didn’t take me long to finish drafting out the ideas for each episode and then I actually got some uni assignment research done before I went for lunch.

A few of the work experience lot sat together and we were all starting to get a little sad about leaving our departments and having to say goodbye after spending such an intense week together (at least… I thought it was intense!). I then went back upstairs to wait for James to come back and, essentially, give me something to do for the rest of the afternoon until my pitch. While I was waiting, I observed two fire engines, five ambulances and a police car rock up at the building site across the street from Channel 4 because someone dropped a rotating saw or something. Either way it made for something to watch whilst I waited for James!

We went and spoke to a couple of apprentices who were so lovely – they let me talk through a couple of my short ideas and they were so friendly and chatty and I didn’t feel like I was ‘just’ on work experience; I felt valued and it was just so comforting. James introduced me to a few other people and we escorted some guests to a meeting before I went to do my pitch.

I was nervous, I won’t lie – I was talking to two shorts commissioners and two other members of Channel 4’s Online team and they’re all important people. I could tell I was really nervous because I was talking too loud and talking really fast and I didn’t really give them a chance to butt in but they seemed to like my ideas a lot and asked me a lot of questions and again; it felt like they respected me and valued my opinion. It meant a lot considering I have nothing at face value that would earn their respect – no title, no portfolio (that they’ve seen anyway!); no nothing but they listened and engaged with me and it was so nice to have such an open conversation. It was such a good pitch meeting!

After that I had no need to brainstorm any more ideas so James and I mostly just wondered around chatting to people and meeting more people. We ended up sat back at his desk comparing YouTube channels and talking about YouTube. I’m so lucky to have got this placement (though… I guess I earned it?) but I’m luckier to have been working with such an amazing and chilled out team! It was an amazing environment to be in, especially considering how anxious I was for the week. It highlighted to me that formal situations can often make my anxiety spike because the expectation on me is so high but it wasn’t like that at all this week.

Channel 4 are an incredible, hard-working company making some amazing content and I have a real new found respect for them and will definitely be following what they’re making much more closely in the future!

Definitely hoping to be doing more work with them at some point, whether it be soon or a little bit further down the line.

What made this brilliant day even better was that my boyfriend Lucas came to visit and is staying the night here in London with me! So I treated us to room service (I had the best burger!) and we’re just having a really nice night in.

I’m both excited and sad to be having our ‘conclusion’ day tomorrow because I don’t want to say goodbye to everybody and leave but also I’m excited to go back to my home in Southampton… before going off to Birmingham for the weekend! It’s such a busy week!

But I’ve loved every second of it!

Thank you for reading,

Sophie xx


Third (half day) at Channel 4



Today wasn’t as good a day as the previous two days have been – it was nothing to do with the work I was doing or Channel 4, it’s just my body has decided to cripple under the stress. Let’s start at the beginning.

Today was more of a struggle to get up – I wasn’t late or anything but I definitely fell asleep for another five minutes! But I did get out of bed, curl my hair, do my make-up (which I was really pleased with actually) and managed to sit on my bed again to go online and get pre-sale tickets to see Bry (YouTube musician, look him up he’s fab!) in Southampton in April which will be really fun. He performed at Summer in the City last August and I can’t wait to see him live again!

So that started the day pretty well – I went into the office, said hello, chatted to the guy who’s kind of mentoring me while I’m here and then got back to work on my shorts ideas. I watched a few more bits on All4 whilst I was writing up ideas in my notebook and I feel like I could actually present a really good pitch tomorrow, hoping nerves don’t get the better than me.

But then my body got the better of me – my stomach and back started aching in a way that any way I sat was uncomfortable and I was trying not to cry, I felt weak, I felt light headed, I felt sick, I was hot, I was cold – my body went through a rollercoaster and then I had to continue feeling this way in a meeting for an hour.

I made it through the meeting and then revealed that I really wasn’t feeling well and everyone was so nice and chilled out about it – I grabbed some food from the Channel 4 canteen (because I had a voucher so why would I spend real money, y’know?) then went back to the hotel.

Then I found the cleaner was still in my room and she wanted to hoover and I asked if I could just sit in here because I had nowhere else to go but I knew she didn’t understand me but I was waiting for her to come back and hoover and she didn’t and it was all very stressful.

I managed to eat lunch and then napped for a couple of hours before just nipping to Sainsburys to get a sandwich for dinner and some painkillers. I’m now back at the hotel having just eaten and I am feeling a bit better – my stomach and back still ache but I don’t feel as violently ill as I did earlier. Hopefully I’ll be able to make it back in tomorrow because I’ve only got three days of work experience and I really don’t want to waste them!

Obviously I’m feeling a little down about today – this is such an amazing opportunity and I feel I should have powered through and made the most of it but realistically I couldn’t, I’d only have felt worse because of it and considering the next four days are going to be as long as the last three, I have to pace myself a little bit.

Disappointed, but trying to be optimistic that tomorrow will be better!

Thank you for reading,

Sophie xx