being a fat person in summer

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Now the main reason I wanted to use a word like ‘fat’ in the title of this post is because so many people have negative associations with it when it’s actually just a description – it’s just a kind of cell that is in every single person’s body and it shouldn’t be detrimental!

I’m fat! Am I okay with being fat? Not really! Am I promoting being overweight? Of course not! But should we be afraid of the word fat? Most definitely not.

And back onto the topic of the post! Being a fat person in summer has it’s own set of challenges – the biggest is chub rub, the second I think is feeling hot and sweaty all the bloody time and then third it’s definitely how every gosh darn person will judge you whatever you’re wearing. Something with sleeves? Why are you wearing so much?! Something without sleeves? Wow, it’s so brave of you to where clothes like that! Daring to wear a crop top? ‘I don’t think that’s very flattering for someone with your figure’. There’s no winning!

There’s so much pressure on women at this time of year anyway between ‘bikini bodies’ and celebrities getting shamed on the front of magazines for having the most natural belly rolls and thighs that actually touch, but there is something about summer that is extra difficult for those of that carry a little bit more insulation.

As well as getting judged for everything we wear, it is physically uncomfortable – it’s not just chub rub when you walk, it’s becoming so much more aware of your body and everywhere skin touches. I’d offer tips and tricks but anyone who’s experienced any of these problems knows the best way to handle it, but I’d recommending watching Hannah Witton’s video trying out lots of chub rub products and not wearing clothes that are too baggy because there can be a lot going on under there.

I wanted today’s post to be an outfit post but I didn’t have time to take photos – I love wearing summer clothes and experimenting with fashion and whilst figuring out new ways to wear my snuggliest jumpers is a thrill, figuring out how to love my body in nearly cropped tees and outfits that aren’t as floaty or flattering is a challenge that I’ve willingly embraced this year rather than hiding behind the one outfit that I could bare to look at myself in.

This post was more of a ramble than a point with a conclusion and I think sometimes those are the best posts because we can all vent and unite about how crap it is being sweaty in summer! Under boob sweat is the only reason I bother with a bra anymore! Tell me about your least favourite thing about summer and how you cope with it in the comments!

Don’t get me wrong – I love when it’s warm, when you go outside and it actually feels warm on your skin. My favourite ever time of day is summer evenings when there’s a chill in the air but it’s comfortable and it’s light but it’s getting dark and you’re in the garden with an ice cold drink and good company (and preferably a fire pit) and I wouldn’t get that without a bit of heat and uncomfortable sweat.

Thank you so much for reading,

Sophie xx

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7 thoughts on “being a fat person in summer

  1. You can never please anyone but well yourself,i had that issue once being called fat until i went through a very very bad relationship that made me look worse,now i enjoy my body and do whatever makes me happy and confident
    Enjoy your summer dear

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  2. Your photo is beautiful. As far as clothes go, I wear what I think fits. In 4.5 years, I’ve gained 25 pounds. At age 77, it’s pretty difficult to shed even 5. On March, I wore distressed leggings to a Bob Seger concert. Alot of what I wear is definitely for a younger crowd, but if I like it, I wear it. I have purchased some baggy tops to wear with leggings to cover my hips and currently my “overnight tire stomach” which has a lot of crunches in its future.
    You appear to be young–maybe on your 20’s. If you want to shed a few pounds, I would suggest doing it now. If not, embrace where you are. Those who pass judgement may look ok, but we all have issues that lurk inside. Enjoy your Summer!

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  3. You are so right when you say that being afraid of the word fat is not necessary! Fat is one of the macros that EVERYONE needs in their diet to be healthy! It makes me sad that so many people (younger females especially) are literally scared to eat fats! Fats are so good for you and so yummy to eat! AND to lose weight you need to be giving your body fat (granted the appropriate amounts and healthy natural kinds)! I hate when people use the term “fat” as a way to label people and make them stand out as if they are any different. Bodies come in all shapes and sizes and each and everyone is beautiful in its own way! As for the clothing part of your post… You and EVERYONE everywhere should be wearing what makes them feel amazing and beautiful no matter what anyone says (though I know that is easier said than done)!! I loved your post! Keep up the good work and keep it coming! It is conversations like these that normalize being normal and owing the body that you have!

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  4. Of course no one wants to be in such uncomfortable situation. It just so happened that information about food, diet, lifestyle and culture is being manipulated to the point that other people become victims of their teacher’s ignorance on some aspects. But the person inside you is more important because your Will and your mind can do lots of incredible things and to add value to others. You are a person of value.


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