how I keep myself busy/productive/organised/or at least try to



I’ve found in the time since finishing uni, I’m still writing myself to do lists that are ten points long and keeping myself busy every day. This works well for me because feeling productive makes me feel happier and like I’m not wasting time or missing opportunities.

So whether it’s organisation, staying productive or keeping busy I’ve got a few tips and tricks of advice!

Obviously take everything with a pinch of salt – different things work for different people and I’m only just figuring out how I work best!

  • bullet journalling, making lists, having a place where you write down your goals for each day and keep track of what you’re doing – whether it’s a physical written journal or if you find online apps and calendars work really well, I find that having one place where I keep what I want to do and achieve updated helps me focus. Also having tick boxes helps – I have both written post-it note lists and on an app on my phone means I get to click the little tick box when I’m done and it’s so satisfying seeing a whole list ticked off
  • try and get out of bed early with intention to do something – whether it’s having a shower first thing, going round to the shop or working out first thing having a purpose makes it easier to get out of bed. I find doing something physical wakes you up a bit and makes you feel more productive (and, y’know, exercise is good for you).
  • if you can, change your environment – not everyone has an office to go to but I find if I get out the house and work at a local cafe I get more work done! Partially because it’s a waste of leaving the house if I don’t and partially because people are there and will judge me if I spend all my time scrolling through Instagram.
  • make sure you’re set up with a drink and snacks so you can’t use that as an excuse to interrupt your work – don’t give yourself an excuse to leave your work environment if you can!
  • give yourself rewards – I like to set myself time goals so if I finish all my work I get to play video games in the evening which always feels better when I don’t still have things to do

Obviously I’m not productive every day – I don’t think anyone is! I have bad days where I can’t bring myself to get out of bed let alone tick things off my list but I try and on those days, completing one task is an achievement and something I don’t have to do the next day!

Don’t beat yourself up over not getting stuff done – if you’re finding you’re never fully ticking off your things to do, maybe it’s worth spending time trying to figure out a way to put less on your list so you can tick off more! It’s just playing around with it till you find what’s best for you. Trying is the best you can do.

Thank you for reading!

Sophie xx

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