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Look at me trying to be seasonal and relevant.

I’m not massively into Valentine’s Day – my boyfriend and I aren’t massively into celebrating it at the moment because we’re both students therefore we’re both poor and I’m going to recycle that traditional ‘we don’t need a certain day to tell each other we love each other’ blah blah.

But 2017 is also the year that I’m trying to give handmade and more sentimental presents, so I thought this could also be a part of that, so here are some Valentine’s Day date ideas!

  • Leave surprise presents waiting for your partner when they wake up, particularly if you’re not there, surprise presents are always nice.
  • Go for a dinner date, but I’d recommend booking in advance on Valentine’s Day because I think a lot of people will be going for Valentine’s Dinner on Valentine’s Day. Valentine’s. I said it too much.
  • On the other hand, you could prepare a meal for your partner at home – whether it’s breakfast, lunch or dinner, whether it’s fancy or if you just got them a bowl of cornflakes, it’s the thought that counts!
  • Leave cute notes scattered around the house or living environment or at work or something – hide it in their diary or a notebook or inside their laptop or whatever, cute surprise notes are lovely.
  • Make a little care package with snacks and little presents – take a shoe box, fill it with packets of sweets and little tiny presents (I recommend Kinder Eggs because they are both treats and a present in one) and it can be a very nice little present with a little bit more sentimental.
  • To go hand in hand with that, an at home movie date! Pick a movie you both like, make a bowl of popcorn then you don’t have to spend any money (or much, depends on your kitchen popcorn stock) and you already know you’re going to like the movie.
  • Ingrid Nilsen’s video that may or may not have inspired this video:
  • A card or a note with a fond or special memory is more than enough to remind someone you love them.

Now I think I like Valentine’s Day more than I did when I started writing this post.

I’m currently at a Busted concert in Portsmouth and I’m organised enough to have written this post in advance, maybe this week I will actually upload on Monday, Wednesday and Friday! Sorry I’ve been so bad at uploading on time recently, going back to uni took me by surprise a little bit I think!

Thank you for reading,

Sophie xx


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