things I’m afraid of

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For Christmas, my mum bought me this book called ‘365 blog topic ideas (for the lifestyle blogger who has nothing to write about)‘ by Dana Fox and I was browsing through it when I saw this blog post idea and it struck with my – I thought it could be funny and reassuring so there’s are my top three fears. Please laugh at me because some of this is laughable.

Falling down the stairs – this is something that has only been scary to me in the past few years, I just woke up one day and I couldn’t walk up the stairs without looking at them. I think it’s the fear of falling because I know it would hurt a lot and I just imagine my back, like, bending in half and snapping and… lots of pain. It would be lots of pain.

Not making a mark on the world – something to do with my ongoing fear about not being heard but I do have a very intense fear of being forgotten and part of that is making or creating something that is still there when I’m gone. I’m not sure what this is going to be yet, I hope it’ll be my book but I have been working on that for nearly five years now. So we’ll see how that goes.

Being stuck with no way out – being trapped in a room or a crowd with no room to move or get out. Perhaps more of an anxiety than a fear (if they’re different at all?) but that terrifies me a lot. Concerts are a big question mark. I am working on it. But my heart’s racing a little bit just writing about it.

I think this post is quite humbling – being able to write about the things you’re afraid of and actually face those fears in admitting them? I don’t know, I feel vulnerable right now and I think it’s a good thing.

Please share any of your fears in the comments! Thank you for reading,

Sophie xx


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5 thoughts on “things I’m afraid of

  1. Great post! I really relate to the second one. My biggest fear in life is being stuck. Not progressing in what I love is bad enough. But not progressing in anything, that is what I fear. And it really really scares me. So I make it my life goal to make progress in everything and anything!
    You’ve inspired my to write about this on my blog, thank you~
    – Hannah ❤


    1. in a way, i’d say that’s a good fear to have because it’ll keep you moving and challenging yourself which is an awesome human aspect! omg that’s awesome, send me a link when it’s live and i’ll share it everywhere 😁

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