Merry (belated) Christmas!



Christmas is probably me favourite time of year – I love all the decorations and the festivities, I love giving presents and receiving presents, I love all the brilliant TV and I really love that eating unhealthy food is actively encouraged at this time of year.

For my family, it started off with just the four of us opening the presents from each other – I finally got to tell my sister that I’m taking her to see Busted next year and I got to talk about films all day but I also got lots of really practical presents such as a hard drive, a new set of kitchen knives and salt and pepper shakers that look like the TARDIS from Doctor Who. Very happy with all of my wonderful presents this year (and got lots more to come when I go to my boyfriends house next week, I’m so excited to see all his family!).

Then all the family started arriving, we exchanged more gifts before lunch and then spent the afternoon playing quiz games and Heads Up, predominantly. It was a really fun and day and no family arguments, surprisingly!

We had twelve people over for Christmas and it was so nice to have so many family around, I’m not used to such a big Christmas but it was so lovely to have it being busy and loud and my cousin brought her little chihuahua too and it was very fun having a dog running around all day. One day, I’ll have my own dog. One day.

I’m so grateful that I don’t have any uni assignments over this holiday because I can properly relax and I’m really enjoying not having to think about any more work I have to do or any work I have to prep for. I can really mentally prepare myself for finishing second year!

I’ve got some really good vibes about 2017 – I’m going to try and take real control of my mental health and be as productive as ever, I want to be making things! But the New Years Resolution post is for next week.

I think I’ve talked about this before, but there have been a lot of New Years where I’ve thought about how much I didn’t want the year to end and I didn’t want the next year to start but I’m excited for 2017 and I think that’s a good start.

Thank you for reading,

Sophie xx


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