Christmas Bedroom Tour!

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I moved into my flat for the next academic year nearly 4 months ago now and I’ve not done any kind of room tour or anything so I thought I’d show you round my living space right now with a few little Christmassy touches!


This is my door. To anyone who knows where I live, now you know what flat I’m in. I thought this would be a nice introduction to the post.


This is the entry way to my room, yes my room is tidy and no, my room isn’t that messy it’s just that there are a lot of things and I can’t fit it all in, I’m still working on it four months later. It’s not a massive room at all but I do what I can to make it mine.


This is where I keep my coats, hoodies, scarves, hats and shoes (I built the shoe rack myself, very proud) – it’s a bit messy and one day I need to ruthlessly get rid of a lot of my clothes and shoes but today is not that day. I like shoes but not like ‘pretty’ shoes like sneakers, pretty sneakers.


This is my whiteboard that fell off the wall and my collection of musical instruments that I’m going to play so much in the time off I have this Christmas, going to teach myself a bunch of songs on guitar in preparation for some covers I’m making on my YouTube channel next year (stay tuned lol).


My desk area is quite messy, but again that’s to do with too much stuff and not enough space – it all has it’s place and it’s purpose and I’m working on becoming a more minimalistic person so it’ll hopefully tidy up towards the end of the year.


This is the shelf area above my bed – I’ve got my knitted dalek and my baby Groot and my mine turtle (and the TV I don’t use because we have one in the living room) but I love the more personal touches here.


These are the shelves above my bed, they’re quite busy but again – working on it! I love my elephant bunting but I had to add tinsel somewhere! My pin board is okay but for some reason it’s too thin for the pins to go in properly? But it holds up my calendar and my dance medals and my little ‘notes to self’. I do love working at my desk area, I find it quite productive.

Hence why I’ve just edited and uploaded my Vlogmas for today and I’m writing this before 9pm. I haven’t done any uni work but it’s actually been a busy day, so I’m going to start it tonight (I’m so behind, this is quite a composed paragraph considering how freaked out I am).


I love my poster wall and I had to Christmas-ify it! I know there’s a big gap but I’m going to get a bunch of polaroid pictures printed to put in that gap but there’s fairy lights and I love my wall a lot. I put a lot of effort into that wall. Very pleased (even if the push pins don’t go into the wall properly and they fall down all the time).


And then there’s the piano at the end of bed because it doesn’t live in the living room anymore and it doesn’t quite fit. And those plastic bags are Christmas presents, how exciting!

And that’s my room! It’s very little but it’s quite and I love it, even if it’s not worth the rent in any way, shape or form!

I hope you liked this post, thank you for reading!

Sophie xx


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