500 Blog Posts!

2016, lifestyle


How did we get here? How have I written five hundred posts? Well, I haven’t yet, this is the 500th but still?? I’m so blown away.

I started blogging on September 8th 2014, according to the first post I wrote anyway – it was a review of Fall Out Boy’s ‘new’ song ‘Centuries’ in a very matter of fact, journalistic style that my lecturers would probably like. Well, probably not but that’s why I’m doing a music journalism unit after Christmas.

Blogging has become my favourite thing, I’m totally obsessed – it’s something I do five out of seven days a week over three different blogs and on those other two days I’m thinking about blogging! I follow so many bloggers and blogging communities on Twitter and Facebook and I love going to blogging events and doing everything I can to improve my writing and expand my blog. If I could blog for the rest of my life I would, hands down (though I do love vlogging a lot as well and I just hit my three year anniversary on YouTube!).

Writing has always been something I love a lot – when I was a child I wanted to be an author and after flitting around between unrealistic dreams of being a gymnast, a dancer, an actress and a singer (how stereotypical) I came back to writing. One day, I will organise my life enough to be able to finish my book properly but I feel like blogging as much as I do has helped improve my writing so much and makes me much more conscious of what I write and the tone I write with. Having this platform to write on makes me so happy.

My blog isn’t ‘successful’ in commercial tones – I don’t have a massive audience and I’ve never worked with any brands and the thought of having an ‘agent’ or ‘management’ just feels ridiculous because I’m just me but blogging has helped me so much – I feel so much more confident in both writing and myself, I have dedicated myself to writing regularly on this blog for two years and it’s helped me with boring stuff like emails and letters (but, I’ll be honest, I quite like writing emails and letters).

This blog has given me something to write on a work experience application, it helped me get a job and it’s given me a bunch of really cool opportunities. I’m so grateful so thank you for reading.

Genuinely, thank you so much for reading,

Sophie xx


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7 thoughts on “500 Blog Posts!

      1. Yeah, that’s not why I blog either, but leveraging your passion as full time income will allow you to pour all of your time and self into it.


      2. Try following House of Brazen, Making Sense of Cents, and Wonderlass. They’re all incredibly helpful blogs about how to turn your blog into a career/business.


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