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I know I wrote about Sick of Losing Soulmates about two weeks ago but the whole EP is out now and I want to write about it because I love it so much!

Intertwined is a very pretty song – it’s very ‘dodie’ because it’s really meaningful lyrics and poignant melodies and enchanting harmonies and there’s a reason that it’s the title of the EP. It’s a really beautiful song, whether you’re already a fan of Dodie or not.

The second song is a 40 second track called ‘I’ve got a hole in my tooth’ and it’s the most satyrical, hilarious song that feels like a meme in itself.  It’s my boyfriends favourite song (not that I’ve listened to the EP enough that he has a favourite song… he knows most of the words I’m very proud) and I love the recorder. I’ve also seen this song live and, as expected, it’s as wonderful as the studio version.

Absolutely Smitten is my most favourite song on the EP – comparing it to the original song and how much it’s grown and Dodie’s vocals have matured is just incredible. It makes me feel so happy, it’s such a feel good and lighthearted song – I thoroughly recommend it in the shower or if you’ve had a bad day, definitely put it on repeat one because by the second listening you’ll definitely be smiling.

I need someone to help me cover this song because the glockenspiel is phenomenal.

Life Lesson confuses me a little bit – it sounds like it’s going to be motivational and inspiring but then it says what it says at the end (no spoilers, go listen for yourself!) and I’m like yes let yourself feel sad or upset and don’t suppress it but also I thought it would be about grabbing opportunities and taking on the world. Mixed opinions – good song but not sure how it makes me feel?

Sick of Losing Soulmates – normally when I listen to a song over and over, when the full album or EP comes out I skip it because I’ve had enough of it but I’m really not sick of this song (lol), it means a lot to me. For a full review, you can read it here!

When is such a beautiful song – when I wrote the first song review I hadn’t listened to it really properly and now I have and I can’t wait to learn all the words. The lyrics say that she still wishes she was 16 and I’ve felt really similarly nostalgic about things and people the way they were when I was 16 so I need to learn this song more, I adore it so I need to learn all the words.

Dodie has such a beautiful voice and this EP really does represent who she is as a musician and a person. I thoroughly recommend listening to it, if you can’t buy it on iTunes then have a listen on Spotify!

Thank you for reading,

Sophie xx


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