October Favourites!

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How October has flown! How are we already in the 11th month of the year? I swear every year gets faster and faster the older I get, it’s a little bit scary but here we are in November  with no control over the passing of time so let’s get into these favourites!

Straight to DVD II Photobook – All Time Low released their new concert DVD and I may have gone the extra mile and bought the 3 disc photo edition… and I’ve not watched it yet… but I love the photobook and it’s so beautiful, I wish I could take concert photos like that.

Screen Shot 2016-10-29 at 12.39.50.png

Where I finished as the end of Day 1 of workbook… sarcastic self-deprecation is how I get work done. 

InDesign Workbook – not exactly a physical product I can share, but I had a big assignment due this week for a big research workbook to go with a presentation I did last week and by the time I handed it in, I actually really enjoyed it. I love putting the pages together and making them as creative and pretty as they could be! I just want to know what mark I got for it now!


The Flash – The show that I should have watched years ago that I’m not super obsessed with – the story of Barry Allen, the fastest man alive. I’m not normally a fan of DC superheroes because I don’t get the appeal of Superman and I actively dislike Batman (‘Batman is just a rich man with an affinity for bats’ – John Green) but I love the Flash. I love the cast, I think the script is beautifully written and whilst every episode has it’s plot, I love the overarching plot line and how every episode keeps you completely absorbed.

And that leads my wonderfully onto my next favourite!


My Star Labs sweater – Star Labs is the fictional lab site in the Flash and this sweater was only £14 on eBay and it’s just a subtle nod to the franchise and it’s like my favourite kind of merch. And the best bit – it’s 4XL and I’m like the snuggliest drowned rat you’ve ever seen. So cosy you can’t even see the logo properly. I loves it.


MAC Lipstick, Marsala – I know I wrote a whole blog post about the MAC Launch I went to but I never included it in a favourites! I’m still obsessed with this colour – I need to buy a lip pencil sharpener before I use the pencil again but I’ve been wearing the lipstick on it’s own and it’s so lovely to apply and it smells really good. One of my go to colours right now!

Screen Shot 2016-10-24 at 16.15.59.png

Newsdays – again, something I can’t really show you physically but I wanted to talk about it. This time last year I despised Newsdays. As a first year I’d be given shitty jobs on rubbish stories and no one treated me with any respect but now, as I grew to work really hard last year and make a good name for myself this year and they’re actually quite fun. I’m just enjoying uni a lot right now even though going into uni itself isn’t always great. Feeling very productive!

Pokemon Y – I know I’m about 15 years late to this but in preparation for Sun and Moon I’ve been getting really into Pokemon Y. Yes, I’m that traditional shit that played Pokemon Go over the summer and is now really into it. But at least I’m actually playing the games now! I’m really enjoying them and I’m super late and sure I’m a ‘fake fan’ whatever I don’t care. I like Pokemon.

Finding new recipes – I’m really fat, essentially – I’ve put loads of weight on and I’m desperate to lose it again and I’m actually finding loads of fun new recipes so I’m having so much fun cooking again and really enjoying it.

The Great British Bake Off Final – I know it ended, but I thoroughly enjoyed the series and Andrew was my bae and Candice was fab but Andrew should have won just because imagine if he got his own show and he’d make a whole show about how engineering and baking go hand in hand and it would be adorable.

Pastel purple hair – more of a ‘would be’ favourite – I tried to dye my hair today but it’s come out blue, because apparently ‘Indigo’ means blue now and I’m actually quite disappointed because I was so excited but I’ll just have to wait for it to fade and try it again. I’ll have pastel purple hair one day.

I hope you enjoyed this, I’m really loving making it my regular monthly post!

Thank you for reading,

Sophie xx


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