Pastel hair – yay or nay?



As we all know by now, I dye my hair a lot. My hair was bright blue and I was going to take the plunge and dye it brown and go back to natural colours.

That didn’t happen.

It went a green-black colour. Not intended!

I didn’t really like it when I dyed it and whilst I’ve come to terms with it, I’m not really too fussed about keeping it. So I found a really sensible way to decide what hair colour I go next.

Screen Shot 2016-10-03 at 16.25.15.png

I did a twitter poll.

And as you can see, considerably more people voted for a pastel colour than brown or blonde (sorry mum).

I know for a fact I’m not dying my hair until the end of the month – for one I want black-ish hair for Halloween, and for two I want to give my hair a little break before I dye it again. My hair isn’t very happy with me right now. There’s also the fact I just don’t have time to dye it right now.

I feel like pastel purple is the way I’m going to go.


I’ve done some research and found some very pretty pictures of very pastel hair and I love them. My heart is saying I should just go for it and be prepared to keep topping up my roots and then maybe I could have a full on purple fading into pastel purple, would that look good?

I know full well I’ll get bored again and part of me wants to go brown later in the year but pastel purple is my next move! I’ll keep you updated and get very pretty pictures if and when I do dye it!

I’m not 100% sure though – what do you think? Should I do it? Do I stay greeny black? Should I actually go brown? Please leave suggestions in the comments!

Thank you for reading,

Sophie xx


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