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The first I heard of this Alphabet Dates concept was Giovanna and Tom Fletcher on YouTube who documented their A date and never documented anything else again but I’m sure they went on more alphabet dates.

Either way, I thought I’d turn it into a blog post! My boyfriend and I were going to try and do it but we’re too poor to go on dates so we don’t, but maybe we should do these dates in order! That would be very fun.

A – aquadrome! I’ve had a craving for going swimming recently and I feel it could be a really fun way to both get exercise and spend time together.

B – baking together! I love baking, we all know this! My boyfriend has recently got into making his own cookies and I really enjoy when we bake together and we get some yummy treats at the end too which is a definite bonus.

C – cinema trip! Very stereotypical but a lot of people are into films right now and it’s also a really good excuse to go get food or something afterwards to discuss the film. That’s what 3am talks are for, right?

D – dinner dates! Again, very stereotypical but it’s always nice to go for fancy food that you don’t have to cook and it just makes you feel fancier than you are. I love eating out, I just really love it.

E – evening walk! Stargazing whilst going for an evening wonder sounds like heaven to me but only in summer because cold walks are not anywhere near as fun.

F – funfair! You know all those stereotypical films where the guy wins a teddy bear for the girl? Those stereotypes make me happy, except my boyfriend and I went to an arcade and played Plants VS Zombies to try and win tickets. We nearly did it too.

G – garden picnic! Over the summer this is really fun – make some wraps, maybe some smoothies and just sit in the garden in the sun. Perfect.

H – holiday! If you can afford it, why not go abroad or explore somewhere new?

I – ice skating! I love ice skating, I know a lot of people don’t but again it can be really cute teaching someone else to ice skate. I really want to go ice skating now.

J – job hunting! Maybe that’s just a student thing…

K – karting! Go Karting is super fun and has that nice subtle element of competitiveness that can ruin relationships! I mean, at least it’s not monopoly?

L – learn a new skill! Learning something new will either result in the pair of you doing pottery or one of you excelling and the other one sulking. I’m usually the sulker.

M – movie night! It’s like a cinema date, except you’ll probably watch a movie that makes you feel nostalgic and the popcorn will be a fraction of the price.

N – night out! Clubbing isn’t for everyone but it can be fun. Especially when you’re a bit drunk and your favourite cheesy songs come on in the disco room – it’s a good time.

O – outdoor movie! I’ve never been to one of these but those really tumblr pictures of people in the back of pick up trucks with blankets and pillows and stargazing at the same time – that is a mental image that makes me happy.

P – Pokemon! Pokemon Go, Pokemon Sun and Moon, any kind of Pokemon. Pokemon.

Q – quiz night! It’s always fun when you can go out with a group of friends and get pub food and drinks and do a quiz. I love pub quizzes they’re just so much fun.

R – rent bikes! Exercise on a date? I get that’s not for everyone, but if you’re cycling to see sights in London or on a beach front for example, can be very picturesque and pretty (and also exercise, bonus!).

S – sightseeing! Yes, a lot of these date ideas are personalised to things I like doing but sightseeing is fun wherever you are! So many people live somewhere and don’t even know what’s in their town, or in the town ten minutes down the road or half an hour on the train! Sightseeing doesn’t need to be exotic.

T – travel! Again, not necessarily all over the world – explore home too!

U – uni date day! Might just be another student thing but getting work done and spending time with your loved one… two birds one stone, right?

V – Valentine’s Day! At this point I got a bit desperate with the letters – romance is in the air so might as well make the most of cheap, cheesy teddy bears and heart balloons!

W – Winter Wonderland! Very specific to London, but it always looks like such a fun place to go I would love to try it and go one year.

X – x-rays! Cute little trip to A&E! Cute?

Y – YouTube videos! It works out that both me and my boyfriend make YouTube videos… but even if you’re not into actually recording videos, games like The Whisper Challenge and tag videos like that can be fun at parties and might be fun for a cute night in too.

Z – zoo! I know there’s a lot of controversy about keeping animals in zoos and boycotting zoos… but let’s for the sake of argument not talk about that and talk about a fun day out at the zoo! I really want to go to Marwell Zoo because I’ve not seen elephants in real life for so long and it makes me sad (I really want to go to the zoo, please Lucas can we go to the zoo please please).

And those are all my date ideas! I’d be lying if I said this was an easy list to make but that’s the point of the ‘game’ of alphabet dating – that it’s meant to be a challenge to come up with something original, especially for the more uncommon letters!

Thank you for reading,

Sophie xx


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