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I put my links at the end of every blog post I write but I’ve never really talked about them or promoted them in any other way so I thought I’d talk you through them and explain in a bit more detail, in case you want to follow me anywhere else!

Facebook: I set up my Facebook page earlier this year as a communal place where I can post everything I’m making all over the internet in one place – blog posts I’m writing over all my many blogs that I run, YouTube videos I make, things I’ve done on News Day, things I’ve made with other people – everything. It’s going to get busier and busier as the end of this year and the beginning of next year approaches!

YouTubeI make YouTube videos! If you’re new, hello that’s new information, if you’re not new – I’ve actually been making videos longer than I’ve been blogger but I find blogging a lot easier than YouTube so I have done a lot more of it. My channel is nearly three years old now and in the New Year, I’m going back to weekly content. I’ve been jotting down loads of ideas and I don’t know if I can wait two more months to be creative again I’m so excited. I have a schedule. An actual schedule!

TwitterI tweet a lot. Like a lot of things, most of my thoughts are tweeted. That’s not always a good thing but I tweet a lot so it’s worth mentioning.


I have a lot of twitter accounts that I run – @SophieALuckett is my oldest account for generic thoughts and things. @sophie_luckett is my ‘professional’ twitter where all of my blog posts and stuff go. @hamwicproduces is a twitter I set up for the ‘production company’ that my friends and I were going to set up but I feel like I’m the only one that cares so there’s nothing on it. @thestudentseat is the twitter for the student blog I’ve set up! All the links to blog posts that are written for The Student Seat and for networking a little bit – I’m trying to make that blog a bit more business like? Penultimate twitter – @sophintheclouds is essentially an extention of SophieALuckett where I don’t limit myself with what I want to tweet – it’s a lot of tweeting shit. The things I restrain and don’t post on SophieALuckett, go on sophintheclouds. I don’t even recommend following about it.

I shall talk about SSUJournalism in a little bit!

Instagram: I’m really into Instagram right now – I just like pretending I’m more indie tumblr hipster than I actually am but I really love my Instagram and I love posting on there quite a lot recently. Pictures are fun!

Snapchat: @SophieALuckett – I snapchat a lot I’m obsessed with snapchat. It’s usually just my flatmate and boyfriend doing stupid things and a lot of pretentious selfies. Love it.


Uni blogI set up this blog last year to document what I was doing at university from an educational point of view, whilst this blog is more for what I do in my personal life. I’ve just started using it again so if you want to have a look at what I’ve been doing at uni in the past couple of weeks go have a look!

The Student Seat: The new blog I set up for students and student experiences! You can read more about what this blog is about and what it’s for in the About section of the blog but I always link it here so you can have a look if you’re interested! I love running this blog and writing for it because I love student life and working with other contributors.

And for this week only, SSU Journalism! As part of News Days this week, I’m the Social Media Assistant Producer so I’ll be putting up a bunch of content over the Facebook page and the Twitter page until next Wednesday where my privileges will be revoked and I’ll just be a news journalist again.

I hope you feel a bit more informed about my links and where else I live on the internet! I’m feeling very motivated to make content right now.

Thank you for reading,

Sophie xx


Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/sophiecountsclouds/
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC-3CmMYbZuSV5eSvGgkW5Cg
Twitter: https://twitter.com/sophiealuckett
Instagram: http://instagram.com/sophiealuckett
Snapchat: @SophieALuckett
Uni blog: http://sophieannblogs.blogspot.co.uk/
The Student Seat: https://thestudentseat.wordpress.com/

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