Why I call myself a Lifestyle blogger



I’ve talked before about how I don’t like putting myself into a niche or a category with my blog so I don’t have to limit my freedom to write, but if I have to, I would describe myself as a lifestyle blogger.

I say this because I blog about my life and my lifestyle which is what lifestyle should be, right? That’s how it made sense in my head.

However, most lifestyle bloggers write about make-up and clothes and fashion and very girly things which I don’t write about much. Don’t get me wrong – I like writing about make-up and clothes but I just don’t that often because I have other things I like to write about too!

So where do I fit in the blogosphere? I don’t want to stop writing about make-up and clothes to move away from lifestyle but also I don’t want to limit myself to just music or books or current affairs. I like writing about travel and my other hobbies as well as whatever else I want to blog about.

So, I’m going to continue calling myself a lifestyle blogger for now, until I find something I might fit better that is! I should probably do some research. In the mean time – do you think there’s any particularly topic you think I’m good at writing about? Or is there any particular direction you would like to see my blog go in? Your feedback means the world to me so I’d very much appreciate your comments!

Thank you for reading,

Sophie xx


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One thought on “Why I call myself a Lifestyle blogger

  1. I think that a lifestyle blogger is so much more than just blogging about girly stuff, so to me it seems you fit the category! And also, you should call yourself whatever you want to! Great blog! 🙂 xx


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