Trying to work out again?



I have documented the many times I’ve tried to get into a regular workout routine and it’s mostly been very unsuccessful. Getting into a routine that you actually stick to is harder than I anticipated, which sounds silly but it’s so easy to fall out of a routine and with the state of my mental health, dropping out of exercise is the first thing I do. Well, after over eating and comfort eating to the max.

I’ll be honest – because if I can’t be honest on my own blog, where can I be? When I was planning this post I was ‘the heaviest I’ve ever been’ at 14st 8lb and last time I weighed myself, a few days ago I was nearing 15 stone and that’s scary; if I’m being totally real I’m scared. I’m now over 200lbs and that really struck with me – I need to try and change.

I watch one of Dodie Clark’s videos where she talked about an app called Couch to 5k and I love using that because it tells me what to do and gives me guidance in trying to be a better runner. It’s almost like having a personal trainer but without having to pay for a personal trainer. I did have to pay to access the app in full but £4 is a lot cheaper than a personal trainer – worth every penny.

I also use the Nike training app for the same reason – I’ve been doing a full body workout that only takes 15 minutes and, again, it tells me what to do without me googling ‘workout exercises’ – it tells me what to do for how long, when I should have rests. It’s got workouts that I can follow without having to do it myself – the lazy workout, if you will.

I don’t feel like I’ve ever worked out more efficiently before – I feel like I’m really getting something out of my workout and I don’t mind spending a couple of hours at the gym. I’m currently aiming to go twice a week and I’m now trying to work myself up to finding ways to eat more healthily, but that’s the bit I’m really struggling with right now (particularly when I make meal plans with my stick-thin-without-trying-and-eats-shit-all-the-time boyfriend who’s a little bit more difficult to convince to help me eat more healthily, especially when eating healthily is so much more expensive).

Once I’ve done my run and full-body workout, I do some flexibility stretches because when I came to uni and drastically cut down how much I was dancing, I completely lost my flexibility and I miss being able to do the splits. But it’s also a good way to cool down and stretch out.

I’m hoping to keep it up, I won’t document it religiously like I’ve tried to do in the past but maybe I’ll do an update in a month or two. I was meant to go to the gym this morning but I didn’t because I think I’m coming down with something and don’t want to push myself but I think I’ll go back next week – got to try and make it a habit that I stick with, I might even start running outside! Not just in the gym!

Also, I know this post is a couple of days late but I’ve been really super busy this week and I’m not feeling great either so I took Wednesday off, I’ve uploaded this post today, I’ll upload the post that was meant to go up today on Sunday and then resume regular scheduling next week!

Thank you for reading,

Sophie xx



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