Women’s Clothing Industry is Corrupt



I’ve blogged about this topic before, but it aggravates me a lot and it’s an ongoing issue so it’s worth blogging about it again, especially when I’ve got new reasons to be aggravated by it.

I used to be a size 12, even then I wasn’t skinny enough. Now I buy clothes ranging from a size 14 up to a 20 or bigger, depending how baggy I want it. Clothes are getting smaller and smaller as the clothing industry wants people to feel inadequate in larger clothes and buy smaller ones. Okay, that’s probably not true but I feel like the industry is getting worse and worse.


Cute right? Overpriced but cute.


Let’s just have a look at this here right now. For one, a 14 is not a large. For two, why is there a small, an extra-small and an extra-extra-small, but not sizes after large? I’m not saying that the smaller sizes shouldn’t be there because then people that are a size 6 won’t have clothes but I just don’t understand why it just stops at 14 – people are bigger than that.

As someone who is slightly overweight and prefers baggy clothes, I find myself buying clothes four or five sizes bigger than I actually am just because I don’t want to wear skin tight clothes. I’ve got t-shirts and sweaters in 3XL just to get them to actually be baggy. I’m not that big, okay?


Then add in how much there is in the plus size or curve section (and if the models are even plus sized, because sometimes they just use the models for the rest of the site and just make people shopping in the plus sized feel worse about themselves) then it’s just not fair. Sure, petite people need clothes but so do ‘plus sized’ people.

As a tall, medium/large build, I buy a lot of absolutely massive clothes because society has conditioned me to think I have to hide my body! This needs to change! How is this going to change? Stop shunning and shaming large women for their size! Stop putting labels on size, whether it be petite or plus size all of these sizes should be available without putting them into a sizing category.

I’m not going to start wearing skinny clothes, because I don’t like my body and I’m going to try and cover it to a way I feel comfortable, but it would be nice if I could access baggier clothes more easily.

Thank you for reading,

Sophie xx


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2 thoughts on “Women’s Clothing Industry is Corrupt

  1. I think you’re confusing petite sections with smaller sizes. Petite sections aren’t specifically for ‘skinny’ people as you can usually get all of the ‘regular’ sizes e.g. 6-16 in petite sections too. Petite sections are simply for those of us who are under 5’3” and can’t wear basically anything in the regular sections because everything is too long on us!

    I agree with you though that finding clothes for people who are taller/shorter than the norm is very frustrating! Maxi skirts and dresses are basically out of the question for me 😦

    Sorry if you already knew this, your post just read as if petite and skinny were the same thing (when it comes to clothes) which isn’t necessarily true 🙂


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