MAC #Liptensity pre-launch!




Yesterday I went to a MAC exclusive, pre-launch event to promote the new ‘Liptensity’ range, at the MAC store in John Lewis in Southampton with SotonBloggers. Did I remember all the key words and locations? I think so!

The new range all came about because Maureen Seaberg has a condition called tetrachromacy. Being a tetrachromat, means that she has four different types of cone cells in her eye whereas everyone else has only three – a condition which only women can have, interestingly enough.

She worked with MAC to make 24 new shades of lipstick, using her ability to see a hundred million colours to tweak the colours to the best they could be.


“We wanted to make them as pure and clear as possible.”

The range is full of bright and varied colours that are still wearable – what I mean by that is the colours aren’t bright green and blues and yellows, they’re still ‘normal’ lipstick colours, with a range of bright reds, dark berries and more subtle nudes to suite whatever colour anyone might want to wear.

I bought a shade called marsala, a dark berry red with pink undertones (do I sound like a beauty blogger yet?) and I’m obsessed with it. I also bought the pencil ‘Rebellion’ and one of the beauticians at the MAC store applied them both for me.


It will never look like this on my lips again.

The application of this lipstick was so nice and I love how depending on what you’re wearing it could be dressed up or dressed down as a casual or more formal colour. The formula is super nice and it was super comfortable to wear too, though if I’m honest it didn’t last too long because it was patchy by the time I took it off a few hours later.

The event surrounding the new launch was so nice – the staff at the MAC store were really chatty and lovely, the girls from SotonBloggers were really cool about bringing people together and introducing people and everyone there was absolutely lovely and it was so much fun to network and find out about other peoples blogs!

It was so cool to be surrounded by other people who love blogging as much as I do, because I don’t actually know that many people that blog. I can’t wait for the next SotonBloggers event to meet more people!

Go check out SotonBloggers on Twitter and Instagram for pictures of the event and MAC Southampton’s instagram for gorgeous MAC product pictures!

Thank you for reading,

Sophie xx


Thank you thecolourchronicles for posing for me, that orange shade really did look gorgeous!

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