Going back to uni!



This summer has been super long, it’s had it’s ups and downs but generally it’s been great and it followed a really great first year to reflect on.

But I am more than ready to go back to uni after so long – 4 months without a proper timetable or schedule and I need a bit of normality in my life.

I’m excited to know exactly what I’m doing each day and have a bit of structure and stuff to work on alongside running three blogs, a YouTube channel and working on short films and other projects with friends.

It’s been so long that I’m almost excited to go back to news days and lectures and assignments again. Almost, I’ll regret that statement within a month I’m sure.

I’m sure there’ll be multiple breakdowns as the year goes on but at the moment I feel ready for the challenge of second year – I want to get back out there and make content again! Generally I’m someone who thrives on being really busy and having many to do lists on the go.

My course is stressful but not academic as such – there’s no reading or revision stress but there’s deadlines, finding stories that are current and up to date enough and putting together a full package story by myself. Alongside potentially working with really uncooperative people, which was my least favourite part of news day last year.

But with that said I am excited to work with the new first years – we got to do a Q&A with them earlier in the week and they were really nice and seem really interested in the course and hopefully they’ll throw themselves head first into news days.

Looking back on last year, it was an awesome way to start my university career – I got some incredible opportunities, I grew so much as a person, I faced challenges and overcame them and I’ve set myself up to continue to grow and improve and maybe even get a good mark at the end!

I’m going to start writing weekly updates again on my ‘uni’ blog, so go have a look at Sophie Ann Blogs where I’ll be uploading on Saturdays, to review the week and write about what I’ve been doing on my course in the past week.

Whilst I’m promoting blogs, I’ve mentioned before that I’ve started writing a student-orientated blog called The Student Seat (which you can find in the links below) and I’m always looking for contributors, so if you’re interested please do send me a message!

Thank you for reading and here’s to being a second year!

Sophie xx


Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/sophiecountsclouds/
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC-3CmMYbZuSV5eSvGgkW5Cg
Twitter: https://twitter.com/sophiealuckett
Instagram: http://instagram.com/sophiealuckett
Snapchat: @SophieALuckett
Uni blog: http://sophieannblogs.blogspot.co.uk/
The Student Seat: https://thestudentseat.wordpress.com/

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