Nearly 20… Thoughts from 19



I don’t know if I’ve mentioned this at all, but it’s my birthday on Sunday (September 11th… 9/11 I know) and this year I’m turning 20. When I wrote ‘growing up – being in-between‘ I talked about being so conflicted about having to be responsible for myself but not quite and I feel like being 20 is a really big part of that. It’s the first age that really separates you from teenagers and the comfort blanket of an age that ends in ‘teen’.

So I thought I’d write a few words to really show how much has changed for me in a year; where I was when I turned 19 and where I am now at nearly 20.

19; a few good friends at home, terrified of moving to uni but already making friends with flat mates, depressed, anxious, worked my ass off to get my A Levels and proved a lot of people wrong, lost a lot of friends and facing a lot of change, desperate to go back to Ecuador and travel, want to see the world.

20; going into my second year, the best group of friends I could ever ask for, just moved into a new flat with one of my best friends and boyfriend, networking to promote my blog and YouTube channel, brand new blogging project in ‘The Student Seat‘ that I really love, still depressed and anxious but motivated, working hard online and offline to turn my passions into a career or income, still desperate to travel but genuinely planning economically, just lost my job due to ignorant managers and no fault of my own and moving past it, in a stable and happy relationship with a man who knows and loves me better than I know and love myself; happy.

Bring on 20!

Thank you for reading,

Sophie xx


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