September? | Update Monday



The point of the Update Monday posts was to talk about my progress in rewriting my book and doing daily workout challenges. Except the book drew to a slow no-progress point at around 30,000 words and working out didn’t happen.

So what’s the point?

It’s not like I”m sitting around all day moping or doing nothing, I’m still doing stuff – I’m sticking to blogging three times a week, I’m planning YouTube videos for making content regularly again, I’m working with some friends on a short film, I’m helping Lucas make content for his channel and working a part-time job too.

Alongside going back to uni where I’ll be maintaining another blog, news day work and assignment work too, as well as joining a couple of societies and having a social life, I’m going to be a busy little be when October comes around.

So in terms of exercise, I know I need to get back to it for health reasons but the lack of motivation and the mental health problems are real strong. I think when I go back to uni I’ll go back to the gym (yes, I’m still paying for it) and make it a bit more of my routine, hopefully. I’ve got my fingers crossed. I might start doing some shorter workouts at home too, presuming I’ve got room in the flat.

Writing wise, I’m aiming to read more in the next couple of months and I’m hoping that’ll motivate me. So right now nothing’s happening, but I’ve definitely not given up on it yet.

I might try and continue Update Monday’s if I still have updates to make, I guess – if I have something to say or something I’ve done but Monday might just become another day on my blog. I hope that’s okay!

Thank you for reading,

Sophie xx


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