Great British Bake Off returns!



I was at work when most of the show happened, but I’m watching it on catch up and I’m very, very excited! I’m an avid follower of the Great British Bake Off and I’m very excited about the new series!

To the degree that when I got out of work, I had a series of messages from my mum and sister asking where I was, why I wasn’t watching GBBO and if I was dead… as per.

But the new series is off to a start and I think the first episode was brilliant – the talent is looking really good for this year, there are some wonderful characters and the music has really struck me as being very well fitting to the mood! It’s probably the same music as every other series but I particularly noticed it today.

Sue and Mel are such wonderful hosts – they’re witty but you can tell they have a bond with the contestants and it’s really personal, yet still very professional. And then puns are brilliant, just brilliant.

And don’t get me started on Mary Berry – she is a Goddess among mere mortals, she is a stunning beautiful lady with an exquisite talent. She’s such an amazing human being because she’s very honest with the contestants but gentle too, in a way that Paul Hollywood lacks (for example, telling a contestant that their cake was really awful while Berry focuses more on what they can improve on). Though, Hollywood is known for being blunt.

The contestants are looking brilliant this year already, Selasi, Kate and Benjamina are my current guesses for success but who’s to tell – it was a very different story last year and it’s a completely unpredictable show! I’m really excited to see what each contestant brings to the show because there’s already been a lot of creativity this year and already I’m thinking I might make banana bread muffins tomorrow.

I’ve been craving baking them for a while and now I’ve watched a baking show, it’s inevitable.

Bake Off is one of the few shows I will watch religiously – the only other two that spring to mind are Doctor Who, Britain’s Got Talent and Robot Wars and those four shows are all very, very different!

I’m hoping to find a little bit of inspiration on this years show, I’m already thinking about trying to make Mary’s jaffa cakes! Would you be interested if I wrote up some baking posts? I’ve done a recipe or two on my blog before but I’d love to know if you, as the reader, would like to read it!

I really do love Bake Off, maybe I’ll do an episode at the end of the series comparing back to what I’ve said now! It would be an interesting reflection!

Thank you for reading,

Sophie xx


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