6 product make-up look!



I’m someone who’s very lazy with the make-up they wear  – if I can afford to go a day without make-up I will purely because I’m lazy but I have a very generic look that I wear on days I’m working or on days where I need to look more presentable.

Last time I was applying this ‘look’ (if it even deserves to be called that) I realised that it was actually only six products and having watched YouTubers who use so, so many products when they’re doing make-up, I thought I’d talk about how I put this look together!

I start with foundation – I have a very buildable foundation so if I’m doing a fuller face of make-up but for this look, I do a very thin layer just to reduce the redness in my cheeks and that’s the entire point. That’s it.

Next step is concealer – again, that’s just to get rid of any blemishes and under eye circles and just more ways of covering my skin. Nothing special, this blog post could be so short. I didn’t think this through.

After the skin make-up, I fill in my brows. Mostly because if I don’t, it looks like I don’t have any and even though my glasses generally cover them, I just like filling my brows in because when I do my make-up, obviously I have to do it without my glasses on so it just looks better when I’m not wearing glasses.

Next I do eye shadow – because I have very oily/sweaty eyes (sounds so gross when I actually write it out), it makes everything stay in place a little more and it also makes it look like I’ve put way more effort into my appearance than I actually have and that’s, like, most of the reason I wear eye shadow. And glittery nude shades are my favourites.

After that, I skip the eyeliner and go straight to mascara because at the moment, I’m getting super bored of eyeliner and I just can’t wing eyeliner anymore and my favourite eyeliner seems to be giving me some sort of allergic reaction so for now, I love some really bold lashes. My mascara is not as great as it used to be though so any recommendations for really bold mascara would be much appreciated!

And the last product – the sixth and final product! Lip colour can change a look entirely – a nude shade can keep it all pretty basic, a red lip shows that at least some effort was put in and a dark lip is saved for a night out that was last minute but you don’t want it to look last minute.

Lipstick is my favourite and if I had more money I would own so much, so many lipsticks.

To be honest, I’m always looking for different products and other brands to compare and see if they’re any better than what I have but if you have any recommendations for drug store make-up please leave it in the comments!

Thank you for reading,

Sophie xx


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