Writing fiction on YouTube/Writing a Sitcom?



A Thursday post? What is this? I’ve been doing Monday/Wednesday/Friday so over a month now?!? I also said I’d write a post every day whilst I was at Summer In The City, the UK’s largest YouTube convention, in London!

So I’m settled in my hotel room in London (which is the first hotel I’ve paid for myself, actually pretty proud!) and, as the convention doesn’t start till tomorrow, I thought I’d write a little post about writing for youTube – a little bit relevant!

I have been thinking about and wanting to write fiction on YouTube (whether that be short films or a series or something) ever since I started the channel properly in 2013 and so far, I haven’t done anything more than vlogging. So far I’ve not had the idea that really makes me want to write a script but I’m working on it.

Lucas has had an idea for a film or a series and he’s currently working on the pilot (and I told him I’d help with the writing but I’ve been working on my book and balancing projects is proving difficult!) and it’s a really good idea and we’re thinking that we’re going to get our friendship group, affectionately known as Hamwic and Chill and professionally known as Hamwic Productions, to work on it when we’re all back for uni.

One night when our friend Simon was round, the three of us were joking about writing a sitcom about our friendship group, Hamwic and Chill, because it would be really funny and contrary to popular belief, I’ve been working on it a little bit! It might come to fruition at some point in the next year but I can’t make any promises!

I’m lucky that all of my friends are driven in a similar way and have the skills that we could actually make a really high quality film. I know sound guys and video technicians and a fashion student and an SFX make-up artist (my sister has a new make-up instagram called luckett_mua I highly recommend it!) and I think I can go as far as to call myself a writer so between us we could probably make a pretty decent attempt at a film or a series!

I’m so inspired by filmmakers like Sammy Paul and Hazel Hayes on YouTube and I’m lucky enough to have met both of them at different points and I’m hoping that maybe one day I could be considered and regarded in a similar light on YouTube or even outside of it!

Summer in the City is hopefully going to motivate me even more to make these sitcom/film aspirations a reality but alongside trying to rewrite my book… I can’t be promising any kind of content in the immediate future!

But I am getting better at actually uploading content to my YouTube channel – in three weeks I’ve managed to completely catch up on three monthly vlogs and July is live pretty early (compared to other people doing the monthly vlog thing). Please give it a watch if you’d like to see what I’ve been up to – I really like this one!

Thank you for reading (and watching!),

Sophie xx


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