Cutting My Hair Short | My Hair Story



I like changing my hair and as someone who doesn’t like change, it’s a big deal for me.

My hair has been through a lot – I first got ombre in my hair almost three years ago in 2013 and I haven’t stopped dying it and doing things to it since.


The first three pictures are the earlier picture I can find of when I first got my ombre done and when I got it done even bigger (back in the baby Sophie days, look at that chubby little face!) and then the last two pictures are the first time I dyed it purple and, like, the following day when I re-bleached it and did it a proper purple.

Also, that natural hair colour I have not seen in a very long time!


After that I went back to blonde for school, then blue (that was my favourite), pink and red for Christmas! The dip dye just kept rolling at this point until my school was hypocritical as anything and told me I had to stop dying my hair in case students younger in the school thought they could do it too.

When younger students and other students in my year started dip dying their hair it was fine, but I couldn’t do it.

So glad to not be associated with the school anymore!


From there I got my first highlights – no bright colours in sight. Then I got even more highlights because at this point I have a hair dying addiction. I kept topping up the blonde then I went back to the blue dip dye. I did bleach the end of my hair again before I got it cut short but that’s a contributing factor to a lot of the reason I needed it cut short!


Once short, I dyed it blue, bleached it to hell and back then went for a galaxy inspired look and at present, that galaxy colour has faded to the extreme.

The first time I seriously considered cutting my hair was before I went to Ecuador in Summer 2015 – I figured I could do it as a sponsored thing to raise some money for my trip and it would also be nice to not be dealing with long hair in the heat and humidity of South America!


But I wasn’t brave enough before Ecuador and I started considering it again on September 2nd. I’m actually pretty surprised with how accurate this photo of me holding my long hair back is in terms of what it looks like now that I’ve actually cut it!

I actually made the decision in December and couldn’t be happier since I’ve done it – I really love having short hair. Though my mum tells me my ‘short’ hair isn’t actually that short.

It felt so healthy and gorgeous when I first got it cut and I have since then killed it with even more dye.

I’ll refer you back to that addiction I mentioned!

My plan for my hair is to top up the blue and purple today so it looks a bit fresher for Summer in the City this weekend and then I’m going to dye my hair brown to make the transition to letting my natural hair grow out. I’m thinking I might put the brown on around my birthday but I’m not sure I can let go of the blue and purple just yet! Either way, when it’s all grown out I’m going to start getting highlights again. But I can’t imagine I’ll stick to that plan!

There are a lot of pros and cons to cutting your hair or making drastic changes, but so far I’ve not regretted a single one!

Thank you for reading,

Sophie xx


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