Finding my productivity | Update Monday



August has been a much more productive month so far than July was – I keep forgetting that it’s only the 8th because it feels so much later in the month because I’ve done so much! I uploaded my May vlog at the end of July, June was uploaded yesterday and July will be uploaded before I go to London for Summer In The City. I don’t want to have any more backlog on these vlogs!

But these updates aren’t about editing vlogs, they’re about my writing and workout progress!

Writing started well at the beginning of the month, but as the week went on I found it more and more difficult to push through – I didn’t naturally want to write so it was really difficult to push through it.

I’m currently at 31,019 words. At this point, I ‘should’ be at 62,907 words or 41,631 words, it depends how I’ve recalculated it at this point but to finish on time, I have to write 2874 words which at this point is feeling someone achievable. Writing blogs definitely helps me feel more motivated but I’ve also been having a lot of headaches and not feeling very well recently, which doesn’t help!

I’m about to start Chapter 10 (I often write a whole chapter in one go and I don’t like leaving it in the middle of a chapter).

Again, there are a couple of high points that I’m excited to write but it’s the bits in between that are feeling like a bit of a drag right now. It doesn’t bode well for anyone reading them but hopefully I’ll push through!

It is looking more and more likely that I won’t hit 100,000 words by September first but I’m slowly coming to terms with that. Probably not a good attitude to take, I should feel motivated and inspired to get the words down on paper (virtual paper) so I can start the edit and actually do something with it but here we are. Not rushing too much!

In terms of workout, it’s a much brighter story! I worked out six days consecutively this week from the 1st to the 6th and I’ve really noticed some actual progress! There’s one stretch that I’m meant to use a resistance band for but I find that asking Lucas to help just pushes me a lot more than if I tried to do it by myself.


So as a night point of reference, it’s more like 10 than 5, when 5 is what I’m meant to be doing every day.

Days 1 to 6 were really successful, but on Day 7, yesterday, Sunday, I went to Bournemouth to see my sister for the day and I let myself get really dehydrated and I felt kind of sick and it really wasn’t a very nice feeling and I went to sleep before midnight for the first time in literally weeks. I collapsed.

It works out quite well in my favour though because Day 8 is a rest day for the ab workout, so I’ll do day 7 for that, I’ll do day 7 and 8 for flexibility stuff because it isn’t as taxing as the ab stuff. I’m yet to do my workout today so I’ll let you know next week how that goes.

I’m hoping the second week of August will be as productive as the first, but I’m going to London on Thursday so I’ll be working out in a hotel room for a few days and then there’s trying to write around the YouTube convention but we’ll see how it goes. That’s the point of Update Monday – so I can see how it goes!

Thank you for reading,

Sophie xx


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