Summer Favourites

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I really enjoyed writing this favourites post back in June so I thought I’d do another post with a few more products I’ve really been loving recently!

My new desk – in moving to a new flat, there’s a whole new desk area to explore! These flats are all brand new and very modern so I’ve got three slow closing drawers, a huge pin board immediately in front of me and three box-like shelves above my head. I’ve loved making this desk my own – I’ve got lots of post-it notes and notes to self about the redraft of my book alongside a calendar, a white board with a dinner plan and some concert tickets pinned to this board. It’s so organised and I love it!

Soap and Glory Supercat Skinny Black Eyeliner – I bought this eyeliner to go in a little gym make-up kit I was building up because it looked like a really easy way to reapply my eyeliner after I’d been to the gym. It’s actually really, surprisingly perfect though – it’s a really dark black (not like ‘faded black jeans’ colour), it’s a really nice point to actually draw a reasonable sized line and even get a fairly good wing first time. It’s great for post-workout or even just for a rushed morning.

All Time Low’s Straight To DVD II – This isn’t out yet, but I recently pre-ordered All Time Low’s next live DVD and documentary that they filmed in February 2015 (the fourth time I’d seen them live, still my favourite band of all time). It doesn’t come out till August 26th but I ordered the Deluxe DVD with the ‘Past, Present, Future Hearts’ t-shirt and I’m very excited about it (probably going to write a blog post about it when it actually comes out!).

Pokemon GoI’ve already written a blog post about this, but it’s safe to say I’m actually obsessed with this app. I just really like going out for long walks and playing it for a few hours at a time, I’ve become quite attached to my Pokemon. I hatched a Snorlax and I have enough candies to evolve my final Eevee, it’s all very exciting!

A camera – or more like, the idea of a camera. I’m in the middle of a major edit for YouTube (I finished May last week, I’m in the middle of editing June and July will be up next week!) and having filmed on both my iPhone and a Samsung WB200F that I have acquired from my sister, moving to a camera in this last month has been really nice in terms of feeling a little more professional and in ease of getting the footage on my computer. I’m going to be saving as much money as I can for a Canon EOS M3 because it’s so beautiful and I would love to step up my YouTube channel in a way like that.

A standing fan – July had a really, really hot period and oh my gosh, I’ve never been so grateful for a fan in a flat with questionable heating and bad ventilation. Typical that the weather isn’t as blisteringly hot anymore!

Summer In The City – the UK’s biggest YouTube convention will be returning to the London ExCel centre next year and it’ll be my second year running going to the event. I’m so excited, particularly for creator and industry day on the Friday. I’ve got a bunch of business cards printed and I’m going to be networking my ass off – it’s going to be such a brilliant weekend and I’ll be blogging every day next weekend from when I get to London next Thursday.

Now I’m going to watch the Olympic Opening Ceremony in Rio from the comfort of my own bed, until 4am!

Thank you for reading,

Sophie xx


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