What motivates me?



Sometimes I need a bit of inspiration to get out of bed – on bad mental health days and tired days I need a little bit more to remind why I need to get up for the day. It’s quite a personal list, as in this is what motivates me specifically, but hopefully others can take inspiration from this too!

1) The thought of getting my book published – if I don’t get up and do some writing, I’m never going to be able to hold that beautiful hard back book with a meaningfully written forward and my local paper going ‘can we have an interview?’ and my old school being all ‘come back to us we love you’ and me making another meaningful speech about how promoting academics and Oxbridge isn’t everything and I did it without any support from my school.

I’ve definitely not thought about this… at all.

2) Work experience I’ve already had – remembering what I got to do at Channel 4 and NASS, the work I got to do and how one day, I’ll hopefully be able to do more than that and work for other companies, bigger festivals and maybe specific artists.

3) Being a productive person who has their life together.

I can pretend.

4) I’ll feel rubbish if I don’t do anything productive – I’m someone who’s mood relies fairly heavily on how ‘productive’ their day has been and when I do a lot, even if I don’t feel inspired at the beginning, I often feel better and even more motivated at the end! For example, it took me the best part of half an hour to write the first couple of paragraphs of this blog post but now that I’m into it I’ll finish the rest in one go!

5) The people I admire might see me as someone they respect and might work with me as an equal. This is something I think about a lot – the people I watch on YouTube and the writers I love, I’d love for them to see me as an equal content creator, not some creepy fangirl.

6) Lucas – sounds super sappy, but a life with him where we don’t have to worry about things financially or be in jobs we hate and we can live in relative comfort is a real inspiration to me.

7) So I can end up in a job that makes me happy and passionate.

Being inspired and loving what I do are really important features to me!

This post in itself has actually inspired me a lot? If you like, you could leave the things that motivate you in the comments!

Thank you for reading,

Sophie xx


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