August 1st | Update Monday



Today is another update day and also the first of a new month.

It was meant to be the day that I feedback on how my fitness July went and I started my second month of 50,000 words towards finishing my novel.

Neither of those were achieved, but today isn’t a completely negative post! Let’s start with the writing.

At present I’ve written 25,507 words and I’ve not done any writing today. If I’d stuck to the 1,617 words a day I would currently be on 51,616 words but to reach 100,000 by the end of August, I only need to write 2,481 words a day, which I think is achievable.

That’s in a world where I’m motivated and happy every day, I’m not sure how many words I’m going to get done today realistically but I’m trying to convince myself I can still do this.

I’m about to start rewriting Chapter 8 of 30, so considering I’m at a quarter of my word target and I’ve written more than I need to (in terms of reaching at least 3334 words per chapter – I did a lot of numbers planning) I’m not actually doing too bad.

I’m feeling okay – Chapter 4 was where the book really picked up as a crucial character was introduced but Chapters 7 and 8 are a bit more like filler chapters so whilst they’re still fun and contribute to the story arc of the whole novel, they’re a little bit more tedious to write.

Working out in July didn’t quite go to plan – I hit a rut and I really wasn’t in a place to save it and yesterday, I was actually quite looking forward to starting the month again and doing my best in terms of weight loss before my birthday but it’s not going very well. My head’s been a bad place today.

There still time for me to do Day 1 and I think I’ll do it while dinner’s in the oven and then Lucas and I are going to go Pokemon hunting tonight so that’ll be at least a 5km walk which is a good way to start and I’m thinking I might go to the gym tomorrow too. I’m trying to find little ways to motivate myself, but at present my anxiety about my sudden weight gain is festering in a desire to comfort eat and not incentive to lose the weight again.

I’ll be honest, I’m struggling right now but I’m still trying; I’m still fighting.

Thank you for reading, any motivational words would be greatly appreciated,

Sophie xx


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