Do I need a ‘niche’?



A lot of bloggers and vloggers make their content inside of a niche – they’ll have baking channels or tech blogs or beauty channels or film blogs. They make things based on the genre their blog or channel falls under and I don’t think I have that.

I like having the freedom to make whatever content I want without the limits of a niche – if I want to dip my toes into all these different genres and broaden my ability to write. Consequently, it probably means my blog and YouTube channel probably isn’t growing as fast as I would be if I made more specific content, but I wouldn’t have written nearly 450 blog posts if I was only blogging to get viewers or money.

Maybe I could consider myself a lifestyle blog because I blog about things that are relevant in my life and are important to me, so it’s my lifestyle, but I don’t think it actually counts as ‘lifestyle’.

Sometimes I wonder if I should pick something to make my blog about, to pick a niche – maybe I should become a writing blog or maybe I should make myself read more and be a book blog, maybe a music blog reviewing new content. I could be a YouTube gossip blog.

Who am I kidding, that’s what We The Unicorns are for.

But if I turned into any one of those blogs, I wouldn’t get to write about the other things and I probably wouldn’t want to write as much. It’s a tricky situation to be in.

Everywhere I read about blogging it says you should have a specific topic and you’ll grow quicker but I like writing varied content!

So comment question – what do you think? What do you want? Do you like the variety or do you think I need a niche? It would be really useful to get some feedback!

Thank you for reading,

Sophie xx


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One thought on “Do I need a ‘niche’?

  1. A niche…. maybe if you do want to for some reason push your numbers sure a niche will attract a following and will expand. However as you have no doubt seen/read there are many, many more bloggers out there that write whatever moves them. If all I wanted was success I would have remained with postings about my wilderness home in Northern Alaska, but I have used my blog not for numbers but personal inspiration, and to my surprise there are a number of people who have visited for the Alaskan adventure writings have stayed and enjoy my uncharted ramblings. Best of luck on your path in cyber-space.


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